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21 March, 2014 06:21

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SHEIKH RASHEED AHMED OF AML WAS THE ONLY GUEST ON THE SDHOW He said that he himself wants to come out of the stinky parliament. He said that if his resignation can force the rulers to work for the poor he is ready to resign. He said that who says that dollar price has come down to rupees 98.33?

He said that Khawaja Asif has allotted the contract of Jehlum-Neelum project for rupees 25 billion instead of 15. He said that if Khawaja Asif can go to the SC against corruption he will file a case against him as well on Jehlum-Neelum project. He said that he is the only real voice of justice playing the role of opposition.

He said that all the decisions are being made in Dubai and Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are coinciding with each other.

He said that he is giving this news that MQM is going to join Sindh government in next few days. He said that MQM also wants to share the government in the center but Nawaz Sharif is not willing for it as yet.

He said that having a defense and economic pacts with Saudi Arabia will be good thing but our military should stay away from any war of others. He said that it will be nice if Pakistan can sell some of its Al-Khalid tanks and frigates to any country. He said that Pakistan should not interfere in Syrian war but instead should try for patch up.

He said that the military is very clear on the issue of dialogues with Taliban that the civil government should resolve this problem. He said that in case of the failure of dialogues with Taliban the action will be taken but there will be a backlash as well. He said that the coward politicians believe that the backlash will be shown in Punjab.

He said that Nawaz Sharif and the military have taken the middle ground on the case against Musharaf. He said that the military does not like that it’s ex chief should be tried in the case of treason. He said that the relationship between the government and the military will go sour if Musharaf is punished.

He said that people from two friendly countries told him that Nawaz Sharif has told them that Imran Khan is supportive to him. He said that he asked Imran Khan and he said that he supports Nawaz Sharif on the issue of terrorism only.

He said that nobody was aware of Osama presence in Pakistan. He said that Musharaf thought that Osama was not alive but after the apprehension of Alibee he learned that he was alive. He said that there was a proposal to have a joint operation against Osama by Pakistan and American troops but Musharaf rejected it.

He said that Musharaf thought that he and Benazir Bhutto can run the government together but he did not believe so. He said that he thought of bridging the differences between Musharaf and Nawaz Sharif but Nawaz Sharif did not show any flexibility.

He said that he does not believe that there was any role of Musharaf in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto why would he do it?


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