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28 March, 2014 07:11

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He said that the progress already has been made because of the dialogues with Taliban the ceasefire is sustaining. He said that we have learned that which group of Taliban is ready for peace and which is not. He said that a lobby in Pakistan is trying to sabotage the dialogues and we have to stop it.

He said that general Kayani in the presence of PM told him that there is forty percent chance of success in the operation against Taliban. He said that East Pakistan, Balochistan, Lal Masjid and tribal areas the operation always harmed the country. He said that he admires Nawaz Sharif and Ch Nisar to be steadfast on the decision of having dialogues with Taliban. He said that the enemies of Pakistan will do their best to fail the dialogue process.

He said that we should revise the policy of the past to form armed groups and only security agencies should be allowed to carry arms. He said that we formed jihadi groups in the 80’s and Osama Bin Laden came here in a plane of CIA.

He said that he fears that 1.5 billion dollars aid will be used to instigate Shia Sunni conflict. He said that we should stay nuetral on the problem of Syria and should not support any side.

He said the briefing he got and according to the statement of Ch Nisar Wazirastan and Punjabi Taliban are ready for reconciliation. He said that like Nelson Mandela Pakistan should sign a truth and reconciliation treaty with Taliban and the peace will prevail. He said that only one demand of Taliban has been surfaced that Pakistan should pull out of the American war.

He said that the people of tribal areas always fought for the sake of Pakistan but the government never did anything for their development. He said that gradually the military should be withdrawn from tribal areas. He said that we deployed military in tribal areas to pursue six hundred Taliban only by accepting money from America. He said that a recent book reveals that how Pakistan was dragged into war against terrorism by offering money. He said that Taliban should release professor Ajmal and the sons of Yousuf Raza Gillani and Salman Taseer immediately.

He said that our political leaders have corruption cases against them that is why they do not let accountability bill passed. He said that as long NAB will not independent every accused will say that he is being victimized.

He said that not even one false FIR has been registered in KPK whereas in Punjab many faulty cases have been registered against the workers of PTI.

He said that we have gone through the performance of PTI government thoroughly and tomorrow the cabinet will be reshuffled on the base of the efficiency.

He said that he is congratulated by Bill Gates and the head of the World Health Programme on “Justice for Health” campaign in KPK.

He said that PTI is going to develop a new resort and a new beautiful city in KPK.

He said that Afghan army is mainly consists of Tajiks and Taliban are Pakhtoon and Pakistan should try that they do not get involved in a civil war. He said that whenever dialogue process was about to start with Taliban America sabotage it. He said that the current government stayed firm on its stance to have dialogue with Taliban that is why he admires it.

He said that America is instigating Shia Sunni conflict under the policy of divide and rule in the Muslim world.

He said that sectarian groups are abusive and against the teachings of Islam and their creators should be hold accountable. He said that we have learned now that the militias we formed are harmful to the country.

He said that the performance of the government except for dialogue process with Taliban is very poor. He said that PPPP double the price of electricity in five years whereas PML-N just in eight months. He said that PML-N is such an experienced party but was not prepared to handle the problems of the country.


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