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18 April, 2014 07:18

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Nadeem Malik Live - 17th April 2014!





ZIA U DIN JOURNALIST said that the military ruled on this country for nearly sixty five years and it is difficult for them to obey the constitution. He said that no matter how well the civil set up performs it will take some time for them to get on the track. He said that the media should not exploit the situation if there is any conflict between the government and the military.

He said that the issue of the security of polio workers is so serious that the deployment of the military to protect them is essential. He said that if the polio workers are not protected Pakistan will be the only country in the world with polio epidemic.

He said that the problem with PML-N is that they do not want to pursue Punjabi Taliban. He said that all the Jihadi groups in Pakistan are patronized by the military.

He said that instead of fighting to eradicate terrorism in the country we need to have better planning.

FAWAD CH OF PPPP said that there is no doubt that the attitude of the ministers was very impropriate in the wake of new conflict with the military. He said that all political parties are unanimous that the change should come through voting and they will not become part of any conspiracy. He said that if the opposition had to play the negative role like in 1997 then Nawaz-Zardari meeting could have taken a wrong turn.

He said the spat of Nawaz Sharif with the military is not for the democracy but personal. He said that if the dictatorship of the military is unacceptable so is of Nawaz Sharif. He said that all the decisions are made by Nawaz Sharif and two or three other people.

He said that the politicians and the military never tried to develop any system in the country. He said that Nawaz Sharif should understand that every personal in the uniform is not Pervez Musharaf.

He said that two groups of Taliban are fighting with each other in N Wazirastan that who will be the Ameer of Islamic state there.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that Nawaz Sharif let the problems get worst and then he gets upset about it. He said that TPO is opposed by the whole country except for Punjab.

He said that despite of the dialogues process with Taliban the killing in Karachi has not pacified. He said that most of the killing in Karachi is not being dome by the people of N Wazirastan but the local groups.

He said that some positive and negative aspects have come forward in the result of the dialogues with Taliban. He said that we have learnt that which the groups are of Taliban not willing to give up terrorism. Hr said that the deaths toll in the result of terrorism has been decreased considerably.

WASEH JALIL OF MQM said that the adventurism can take place in the contrast of conflict between the government and the military and MQM does not like it. He said that the situation in Karachi is bead for last twenty five years but now is getting worst. He said that MQM workers are being picked up from their homes and it can be confirmed.

He3 said that there many areas in Karachi where terrorists from N Wazirastan have their hide outs. He said that it is pity that the agencies have the information about the hide outs but are not taking any action against them.


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