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3 June, 2014 07:35

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Nadeem Malik Live - 2nd June 2014





ASAD UMER OF PTI said that the growth rate was 4.1 in the first half but minus in the second half of the year. He said that according IMF Pakistan growth rate was 3.3 in the fiscal year. He said that there is no increase in exports or production and neither the problem of load shedding have been controlled. He said that the in order to stabilize the rupee the government has to being down the inflation rate in the country. He said that the government made a wrong decision on the instructions of IMF to purchase the dollar from open market. He said that this wrong decision caused artificial increase in the price of dollar to rupees 108. He said that Hafeez Pasha says that the government borrowing so much that next two generations are going to be pledged.

He said that he is against the increasing of the tax rates instead more people should be brought into tax net. He said that the government is going to impose more taxes on the people but is not willing to pay taxes herself.

He said that he believes that we can generate more than one hundred billion rupees revenue by imposing tax on agriculture. He said that the poor pay more taxes in Pakistan as compare to rich and our system favors the rich people.

He said that the whole world is unanimous that the only way to pull people out of the poverty is to educate them and teach them craftsmanship.

He said that the government is going to give more concessions to privileged class of the country in the budget.

He said that tomorrow budget is going to be another episode of the division of the different classes in Pakistan.

He said that he hopes that the government in tomorrow budget brings more people in the tax net, control expenses and free FBR to work independently.

NAVEED QAMAR OF PPPP said that Ishaq Dar is sticking with the figures of the budget he has announced whether they are achievable or not. He said that the wishes of the government are different than the ground realities of the economy.

He said that Ishaq Dar is insisting to keep the price of the dollar rupees 98 which is impossible.

He said that the situation has been changed a lot now the people in the government also pay taxes.

He said that the government in tomorrow budget will present some figures with the consultation of IMF but there will be no significant change.

ARIF HABIB BUSINESSMAN said that except for banking and cement industry the production will decrease because of the stable price of the dollar against rupee. He said that it seems that the government is going to impose more taxes on the people already in the tax net and it will decrease the production.


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