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8 October, 2014 07:09

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Watch Now Nadeem Malik Live (Imran Khan Special Interview) – 7th October 2014






He said that on 14th of August as he left from Lahore he never thought that sit in will prolong for this long. He said that Nawaz Sharif is not resigning because his business interests are connected being in the power. He said that he is thankful to Allah that Nawaz Sharif has not resigned and his message has reached to every household. He said that he had a public meeting in D chowk in the past but only three thousand people showed up. He said that he is glad that the nation has wakened up now.

He said that it is difficult for him to live in the container but sacrifice is required to achieve the goals. He said that he is especially very happy the way women have wakened up and political consciousness is growing among them.

He said that vote audit has started Saad Rafiq and his own constituencies have been opened for investigation and the rigging will be revealed. He said the wrong ink and paper was intentionally used in the elections for the purpose of rigging and the matter should be investigated.

He said that COD was signed between PML-N and PPPP to share power between the two parties.

He said that he is seeing elections in 2015 and it is quite possible that the elections may be announced this year.

He said that the slogan of “Go Nawaz Go” will follow Nawaz Sharif wherever he goes.

He said that he never said that the sacrifice will be done before the Eid it was the statement of Sheikh Rasheed.

He said that he stated that the umpire finger will go up and Nawaz government will be gone and umpire is Allah (SWT).

He said that one hundred thousand people showed up in the public meeting of Bahawalpur and he realized that the nation aroused.

He said that he stated one year ago that if the justice will not be served he will go to the people to back him.

He said that PTI will hold a public meeting in Larkana on 21st of October and preparations are on the way.

He said that PTI main focus is Punjab because the real battle is being fought here.

He said that some peopled called his Taliban Khan because they had nothing else to say.

He said that he has only one person as his role model and that is Quid-e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

He said that Ch Aetzaz Ahsan and Ch Nisar accused each other for corruption in the parliament but later kept quite for their personal interests. He said that the parliament did not discuss the poverty and the unemployment problems of the people.

He said that he is not looking for any short cut and people starving for power look for short cuts.

He said that Akhter Mangal told him that the rigging was done in Balochistan and the real leadership of the people has not come forward.

He said that all political parties are under tremendous pressure of their workers for supporting the government.

He said that PPPP might survive but PML-N cannot because this party has no ideology except for politics of their own family.

He said that if form 14, 15 and 16 audit is done the rigging will be revealed. He said that the result forms of the poling agents and RO’s do not match that is why they are not put on the web site of the lection commission as yet. He said the people responsible for rigging in the last elections should be punished to have transparent elections in the future.

He said that his message to the nation is that the opportunity to change their fate has come so do not let it slip away.

He said that the promises he is making to the people are already in practice in the Western democracies.

He said that the roads are not blocked for anybody in the Western democracies and the rulers do not relish on public money.

He said that all of his money is on his own name he earned it abroad and brought to Pakistan.


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