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24 October, 2014 06:21

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Nadeem Malik Live - 23rd October 2014’s-political-influence-shrinking-in-punjab





DOST MOHAMMAD KHOSA OF PML-N said that a major chunk of PML-N is very unhappy with its leadership. He said that the workers through whom PML-N leaders had connection with the common people are not there anymore. He said that now the funds are being offered by the leadership of PML-N to unhappy members of the party.

He said that PPPP is facing the leadership dilemma since the death of Benazir Bhutto.

He said that workers that kept the name of the party alive during Musharaf government are ignored by PML-N leadership. He said that Sharif brothers are harming the party and it has to be rescued.

He said that he is seeing a change in Pakistan politics much earlier than September 2015. He said that if PTI would have been doing inside the parliament as what they are doing outside it was going to be much better.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that the day PTI went to the parliament along with Shah Mahmood Qureshi many PML-N members thanked them that because of the Dharna the arrogance of Sharif brothers was gone. He said that the electoral reform committee will come out with some suggestion because of the pressure of Dharna of PTI. He said that PTI is working as real opposition even sitting out side the parliament. He said that the government has reversed many huge economic decisions because of the pressure of the Dharna of PTI. He said that the government has taken back the price increase in the electricity charges because of the protests of PTI. He said that the slogan of “Go Nawaz Go” has become famous, PML-N has weakened and PTI vote bank has been increased because of the Dharna.

He said that there will be no music during the Moharam but Imran Khan will remain on the container. He said that PPPP and PML-N are being eradicated from the whole of the country and it is not good news for the country. He said that PTI will also not survive for very long if will not fulfill the hopes of the people. He said that the reason of annihilation of PPPP and PML-N is the possession of two families on these partiers.

He said that as long PTI remained in the parliament no one was ready to care about our demands.

He said that whenever someone talks about the power devolution to the people the parties in power join hands together against it.

SAFDAR ABBASI OF PPPP said that he has provided a platform to PPPP workers and it is named as Peoples Party Workers. He said that PPPP has deviated from its ideology in last five or six years and nobody knows that who the leader of the party is. He said that Amir Dogar left the party because there is no value of PPPP ticket anymore.

He said that PTI could not take the advantage of the pressure they built on the government in the early stage of the Dharna. He said that the Dharna has been prolonged but PTI has become very popular. He said that he is seeing mid term elections after September 2015. He said that the political parties coinciding in the parliament right now will go apart soon.


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