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28 January, 2015 05:52

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Nadeem Malik Live - 27th January 2015!!





SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that it is very easy to accuse someone and he himself told that how many votes Bushra Aetzaz got in the elections. He said that Bushra Aetzaz eligibility to run the elections was questionable because she was the chair person of PCB. He said that there is always some kind of violence during the election but there was not a single incident that took place in NA-124. He said that the counting of the votes is always done in the presence of the election agents.

He said that Al- Kher University and HEC have declared his degree a genuine. He said that the complete record of form 14 is provided by the election authority but the condition is that your poling agent should be present. He said that if the form 14 was not in one bag it was available in another one. He said that he has complete record of form 14 and 15 and it is provided to every candidate. He said that Ch Aetzaz Ahsan is lying about the elections of his constituency.

WALEED IQBAL OF PTI said that Ch Aetzaz Ahsan is right the election was stolen. He said that there are many requirements of the law according to that the election was not fair. He said that he has also challenged Rohail Asghar eligibility on the basis of the degree he has gotten from a University of Azadkashmir. He said that out of 264 poling station there were no form 14 available of 29 poling stations and poling agents were forced to run away from rest of them. He said that he filed a complaint to election commission attaching the evidence of Ch Aetzaz Ahsan but was rejected. He said that he has also filed an application to election commission on 45 pages report that what happened during the elections. He said that election commission rejected the 45 pages report of the RO; s. He said that out of 264 bags the seals of 152 were either broken or not emplaced. He said that out of 173000 total counts of the votes 90000 votes were found in these 152 bags. He said that form14, 15, electro roll and counter file is necessary to be provided but was missing for about 50 poling stations. He said that the present election commission has declared null and wide elections of two constituencies because of unavailability of form 14 And 15.

CH AETZAZ AHSAN OF PPPP said that her wife was not ineligible to contest the election because she was working for PCB as a volunteer. He said that a reference was filed in 1999 against the people who got LPG quota but his wife and his name was not included in it. He said that he was accused for taking LPG quota by a big media house on the inducement of a minister. He said that the media house later apologized to him after he served a legal notice to it. He said that every poling station has only one bag the other belongs to provincial assembly so form 14 can not be found in another bag. He said that if form14 are not found in some of the bags it can be considered a mistake but not when they are missing from 70% of the bags.


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