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3 April, 2015 10:36

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Nadeem Malik Live - 2nd April 2015





FAROOQ SATTAR OF MQM said that Altaf Hussain has directed to MQM workers to express their feelings on election’s day by coming out in the support of the party. He said that MQM has contested the elections in the presence of the military and rangers and have won it. He said that a scary impression is being given about the politics of MQM. He said that the “Farishtay” are with PTI this time. He said that PTI has understanding with PML-N in the centre and PPPP in the Sindh province. He said when PTI flags are posted in the supervision of police and they also take part in it then it raises the question.

He said that Imran Khan puts the whole responsibility on MQM of Karachi situation.

He said that instead of accusing help us to getting rid of the criminals from MQM if there are any.

He said that he will invite Shah Mahmood Qureshi to come to Karachi and he will brief him. He said that no one living some place else can understand the situation of Karachi.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that PTI is coming forward as third political power in the country but especially in Karachi. He said that MQM should compete with PTI in democratic way and should make the atmosphere helpful in the city. He said that PTI candidate was attacked by MQM workers with batons and his car was smashed this is not a democratic attitude. He said that we are not going to Karachi to fight we recognize MQM as a reality but PTI is a reality as well.

He said that Jinnah ground is part of Karachi and we can have a jalsa there. He said that PTI will not use a stick or force in the elections in Karachi. He said that he respects the martyred of MQM and will put flowers on their graves. He said that MQM workers are those who sacrificed in the making of Pakistan and migrated from their homes.

He said that he supports the investigations of murder of MQM worker Waqas to determine who killed him.

He said that Farooq Sattar is confessing that “Farishtay” were with MQM in the past.

He said that Farooq Sattar was sitting with Zardari to talk about joining the Sindh government yesterday but accusing PTI for having understanding with PPPP. He said that when PTI was holding Dharna MQM was advising us to have talks with PML-N and now when we have resolved the issues through dialogues is accusing us for compromising.

He said that PTI has swept away PPPP from Punjab so why it will allow us to have footing in Sindh.

He said that there are good and educated people in MQM and PTI only wants to clean up the criminals of every political party in Karachi.

He said that he is ready to get briefing from Farooq Sattar on Karachi situation sitting in Jinnah ground.

He said that for peace and people he is ready to sit with Farooq Sattar alone in Jinnah ground Karachi.


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