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22 April, 2015 06:27

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Nadeem Malik Live - 21st April 2015





SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that the results of China’s president’s visit will be long lasting. He said that the details of the agreements will China are not calculated now they were under consideration since Pervez Musharaf government. He said that when he visited China in 2008 the corridor route plan was discussed. He said that there is a shift in China’s policy it is focusing now on west instead of east side instead. He said that China will get access up to central Asia landlocked states through Pakistan. He said that China will also be benefited to make its exports to Europe through Pakistan. He said that PTI welcomes the agreements with China but demands transparency in the planes. He said that 44 billion dollars planes have been signed with China it should be told that how much will be spent on Punjab and how much on other provinces.

He said that Chinese embassy invited all the politicians of Pakistan to meet their president there. He said that he went to see Chinese president along with Imran Khan there. He said that he asks the question that why PTI was not invited in the dinner of the PM of Pakistan. He questioned that why the CM’s of small provinces were not there while agreements were being signed with China’s president? He said that CM of KPK Pervez Khattak told him that he was not taken into confidence neither was consulted on the visit of the Chinese president. He said that PTI welcomes the agreements with China but who will monitor them? He said everybody should be taken into confidence on the agreements signed with China to remove any misunderstandings.

He said that PTI wants to have a transparent system of elections that is in the interest of everybody. He said that nobody was dare to go to NA-246 but now the flags of PTI are fluttering all over there. He said that JI did not compromised with PTI but other political parties have offered their support.

He said that NA-246 is a stronghold of MQM and PTI has delivered the message that the alternate leadership is available.

He said that he could not understand that JI asked PML-N to support them it may have not happened.

He said that the Quaed-e-Azam ideology of Pakistan was progressive but not secular.

He said that the people should get the right to vote by getting into the queue without any pressure.

DR FAROOQ SATTAR OF MQM said that Pakistan has long friendship with China and the visit of any Chinese president is always welcomed. He said that Pakistan and China corridor project was started during Musharaf government that has reached to conclusion now. He said that we need to see whether our system is capable to handle the investments going to come from China. He said that many investments of china are the soft loans that Pakistan has to pay back one way or another. He said that except for Pak-China corridor project everything else seems like agreements between Punjab and China. He said that 180 million people of Pakistan have to pay back the loans of China so Karachi circular railway project also should have been included in the projects. He questioned that why the CM’s of three provinces were not present at the time of China’s president’s visit. He said that what will be the rout of Pak China corridor is not clear. He said that he supports that a group of senor parliamentarians should monitor the progress of the projects signed with China.

He said that the actual competition in NA-246 will be between JI and PTI to see that who will be at number two. He said that the process of voting should not be slow otherwise MQM can get fewer votes. He said that besides international monitors FAFIN should also monitor the election in NA-246.

He said that the ideology of Quaed-e-Azam was of a progressive and secular Pakistan.

PERVEZ ILAHI OF PML-Q said that nobody has any objection on the friendship with China and our third generation is taking the friendship along. He said that he told Chin’s president that the projects they are offering to Pakistan should be monitored by themselves. He said that if the agreements with China do not benefit common Pakistani then everything will be wasted.

He said that it is the visit of China president or Turkey Mian brothers make it a family issue. He questioned that why the CM’s of three provinces were not present at the visit of Chinese president.


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