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23 April, 2015 06:53

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Imran Khan in Nadeem Malik Live - 22nd April 2015






He said that the change has come it was impossible to run election campaign in NA-246. He said that Altaf Hussain controls the politics of Karachi through the military wing of MQM. He said that Urdu speaking were most educated people at the time of independence putting them in quota system was injustice with them. He said that Solat Mirza has revealed the hit list of the people that were going to be killed by MQM. He said that the people who were supposed to be killed on the list were journalists but mostly MQM own people. He said that Altaf Hussain threatened Zahra Hussain to kill addressing a jalsa at teen talwar and twenty four hours later she was murdered. He said that there is evidence now that MQM was responsible for the murder of Zahra Hussain. He said that when Altaf Hussain threatened to kill he called British ambassador and told him that if any one of PTI worker is killed he will be hold responsible. He said that his lawyers are preparing the case of Zahra Hussain to go to the court in Britain.

He said that Altaf Hussain is playing double game now he is calling him Bhai and to his wife Bhabhi. He said that he will call Altaf Hussain Bhai the day he will give up violence. He said that Imran Ismail is brave to be firm despite of the attacks on him by MQM workers. He said that as long Karachi is not fixed Pakistan can not prosper. He said that the businessman of Karachi travels in armored for safety reasons. He said that PPPP conducted the operation against MQM through Naseer Ullah Babar but Nawaz Sharif made a settlement with them. He said that MQM killed targeting all those police officers who participated in the operation against them. He said that Nawaz Sharif believes that winning the elections in Punjab and KPK is enough to form the government so he does not focus on Karachi.

He said that JI did not withdraw its candidate in NA-246 because they think that they are in better position. He said that JI has to take a clear stance now otherwise they will be seriously harmed politically.

He said that in Pakistan the politics is family based Nawaz Sharif took his brother and Asif Zardari his daughter in the dinner of Chinese president. He said that the CM’s of three provinces were not even invited at the occasion of the visit of Chinese president. He said that the agreements signed with China are being kept secret. He said that the rout of Pak-China corridor is not clear yet. He said that if the rout of Pak-China corridor is changed it will take country towards the chaos.

He said that he wants to make it clear if today the elections are held PTI will take clear majority. He said that twenty one political parties have said in the judicial commission that rigging was done in the elections. He said that addressing a jalsa in Haripur it slipped out of the tongue of Nawaz Sharif that the rigging was done against PML-N. He said that all kind of means were used for rigging in the elections but the real evidence is packed in the votes bags. He said that he ahs audio evidence against Najam Sethi that the rigging was done in the elections. He said that he will accept any decision of judicial commission on election rigging. He said that PTI will go to the judicial commission with full evidence and Hafeez Pirzada is collecting the details.

He said that PTI has become a national party and in Azad Kashmir won the by election against the joint candidate of PPPP and PML-N. He said that PTI is being organized in Gilgit Baltistan it is very popular there.

He said that there are people in MQM in contact with PTI but he can not reveal their names. He said that MQM is not like any other political party. He said that other political parties expel someone from the party whereas MQM expel from this world. He said that there are many people in MQM who want to come out they have been forced to be bound to the politics of Karachi only.

He said that first time he heard the full speech of Altaf Hussain he laughs sings and even cries.

He said that one country threatened Pakistan that you can not remain neutral in the war of Yemen instead you have to become a party in it.

He said that politicians in Pakistan are dividing people they do the politics of their interest.

He said that he will say to the people of Karachi that if they are happy with their everyday life vote for MQM otherwise make PTI winner in the by election.


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