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30 April, 2015 10:26

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Nadeem Malik Live - 29th April 2015—army-chief





FAROOQ SATTAR OF MQM said that the educated people are being targeted in Karachi. He said that the recent wave of killing is going to benefit those who desire to weaken Pakistan. He said that some people want to affirm their writ in Pakistan by intimidation. He said that MQM is demanding from inception for a monitoring committee to assess the success of Karachi operation. He said that the information to launch an operation is not gathered from the community in Karachi instead other means are used. He said that the sectarian killing is also going on in Karachi besides the target killing.

He said that he clearly told to judicial commission that his party did not get free ride to contest elections as other political parties. He said that he also told to the judicial commission that PML-N, PPPP and PTI spent lot of money on election campaigning. He said that the delimitation is Karachi was done after the announcement of the elections that also harmed MQM.

He said the election in NA-246 was transparent but the voting process was slow.

He said that Altaf Hussain did not make the demand for a new province it came from the people. He said that three hundred thousand new jobs were available in the province of Sindh but urban area people were denied their proper share.

He said that MQM is the only party that presented maximum resolutions in the favor of new provinces in the senate and the national assembly.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that there could be many reasons of the recent targeted killing in Karachi. He said that if the rangers are given politically free hand to operate in Karachi they will succeed otherwise not. He said that Sindh government is responsible for law and order situation in Karachi and not the army chief. He said that the apex committee should evaluate that what kind of success is gained in Karachi operation and if there is any hurdle it should be removed. He said that the deployment of rangers in Karachi means that the police have been failed.

He said that PTI has presented 126000 documents about rigging in judicial commission. He said that judicial commission asked three questions and PTI has responded to all three of them. He said that PTI lawyers will question many people in judicial commission besides Najam Sethi.

He said that Farooq Sattar is right delimitation can not be done after the announcement of the elections the election commission should be autonomous.

He said that PTI will accept any decision of judicial commission on rigging complaints.

He said that PTI makes the demand for transparent elections and then the result will be acceptable.

He said that PTI lost the election in NA-246 it was transparent but the atmosphere of fear was there.

He said that PTI point of view from day one is that there is room for new provinces but a team of experts should be formed for that reason. He said that the population of Punjab is hundred million that is the larger than most of the European countries.

He said that MQM has openly made the demand to make Karachi a separate province. He said that MQM is a partner of PPPP since long time after the demand for new province PPPP should make its position clear.

ZAHRA YOUSUF OF HRCP said that the doubt of the targeted killing in Karachi goes against agencies, sectarian groups and the land mafia. She said that the rangers operation in Karachi is not proving to be fruitful there should be some other solution of it. She said that the targeted killing has been decreased because of the presence of the rangers.


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