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22 May, 2015 06:17

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UMER KHITAB INCHARGE ANTI TERRORISM FORCE KARACHI said that the police was working on the accused of Safoora Chorangi incident for more than one year. He said that police got the solid evidence against the criminals after their attack on Ismaili community bus. He said that initial investigations show that there 25 to 30 people in this group. He said that the members of the group have code names do not use their real names and keep their identity concealed. He said that after the complete investigations and the report of JIT CM Sindh will tell that who the group they belong to.

He said that twelve people of the group took part in the attack on the bus ten members killed the people and two remained in the cars. He said that the Ameer of the group is from KPK some members are from Punjab but most of them belong to Karachi and have studied here as well. He said that Tahir Hussain’s family belongs to Gujrat they live in Kotery for 20 or 22 years. He said that Tahir Hussain’s family moved back to Gujrat started business there but he remained here.

He said that today the people we are fighting are like anyone of us but what they have in their minds is hard to tell. He said that there are some sittings in the city that molding people minds astray besides religious teachings. He said that Saad Aziz not only attacked on the bus of Ismaili community but also is involved in the murder of Sabeen Mahmood, police personals and many other people.

He said that Saad Aziz used to participate in the programs of Sabeen Mahmood organization regularly. He said that he decided to kill her after her point of view came forward on Lal Masjid. He said that Saad Aziz motive to kill Ismaili community and Sabeen Mahmood was to defame Pakistan.

He said that he is police officer and if a political party is involved in terrorism it is not his job to name it.

He said that the hide outs of the terrorists are our homes the families should keep the eye on their children’s activities.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that police officers like Raja Umer Khitab are doing great job in Karachi police. He said that Karachi police is fighting with great courage against the terrorists and sacrificing their lives. He said that MQM is asking from day one that Taliban are present in Karachi they should be watched. He said that such institutions and people are there that lured people to become suicide attacker. He said that we need to see this problem seriously because it is disgracing our religion.

DR HUMA BAQAI TEACHER OF SAAD AZIZ said that there was nothing unusual about Saad Aziz he used to be friendly with girls and boys both. She said that Saad Aziz used to remain silent after some period and diverted towards religion but there is nothing wrong in it. She said that Saad Aziz left the institution four years ago but now she learned that he started sitting with extremists. She said if such educated people are luring into terrorism then we have to pay heed that where the problem lies.

LIAQAT BALOCH OF JI said that the information attained from Safoora Chorangi accused is very dangerous. He said that whenever some terrorist incident takes place its blame is put on the Madrassas. He said that justice in the society is essential to preventing the people to go astray.


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