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11 June, 2015 07:16

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Nadeem Malik Live - 10th June 2015





NAEEM UL HAQ OF PTI said that in the heart of Modi the hate is sprouting against the Muslims and Pakistan since last fifty years. He said that he is not surprised by Modi statements there is no Muslim minister or member of the parliament of his party. He said that having the expectations of cordial relation or goodness from India will be a mistake. He said that India for last fifty five years is quashing Kashmires but the world is not taking it seriously. He said that PM met with the secretary general of UNO it is useless UNO will never help the Kashmires. He said that Kashmir, Chechnya and Bosnia problems are still unresolved the West wee Islam as threat for them. He said that whenever Pakistani PM had good relationship with Indian counterpart it improved the relationship between the two countries. He said that Benazir and Rajeev, Nawaz and Bajpai and Musharaf and Man Mohan personal good relations put good affects on both countries. He said that Pakistan PM should have meeting with Indian PM and Pakistan should have a full time foreign minister. He said that Pakistan should expand its relationship with India at people level and try to change their opinion.

MOLA BAKSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that Bhutto used to say that India is a hostile country. He said that Pakistan is an atomic power little mistake will bring big destruction. He said that unfortunately religious maniacs are in power in India they do not treat Muslim actors and players well. He said that Pakistan is an atomic power India should behave wise our whole nation is behind our military. He said that America is quite on the statement of India PM. He said that in 1971 American attitude was the same. He said that regarding Pakistan and Muslim the champions of democracy and humanity are false. He said that he can not trust India that always uses local people for terrorism inside Pakistan. He said that India was using Afghanis against Pakistan but now they are fighting against terrorism along with Pakistan.

GENERAL (R) ATHER ABBAS said that it seems that RSS ideology is prevailing in India Modi himself was part of it. He said that Indian statements are reflecting war madness and taking the region towards havoc. He said that India wants to impose its ideology on the region. He said that besides Bangla Desh Indian relationship with all of its neighbors are in tension. He said that India wants that some how Pakistan should back off from Kashmir cause.

He said that after Mumbai attacks Roberts Gates told Pakistan to absorb if India attacks on Azad Kashmir. He said that Pakistan gave Robert Gates strong reply that it is impossible for Pakistan not to respond to Indian attack. He said that BJP government wants to have some operation inside Pakistan to show their dominance and that is very dangerous. He said that India has created provocation in the region by giving anti Pakistan statements. He said that three ministers responded to India’s statement one policy statement from Pakistan government would have been a better approach.

He said that Pakistan attitude is very mature and appropriate that has been appreciated by the world. He said that international community has put pressure on Indian PM because of his irresponsible statements.

KHWAJA MOHAMMAD ASIF OF PML-N said that anti Pakistan statements are need of India at this moment they going to have elections in three of their states. He said that India and some other powers do not want to see Pakistan progressing economically beyond a certain level. He said that Pakistan is not Burma we are a atomic power and our military is very strong with the grace of Allah. He said that no military in the world can remain in the state of war more than six months whereas our army is fighting terrorism for last many years. He said that if India attacks on Pakistan it will go back crying with grace of Allah.

He said that Pakistan military has completely wiped out the infrastructure of the terrorists in N Wazirastan. He said that India wants Pakistan to continue fighting with terrorists inside Pakistan. He said that other than PTV our media does not highlight the struggle of the Kashmires. He said that the PM has stressed the need to act on the UNO resolution of plebiscite in Kashmir in his meeting with secretary general. He said that our core issue with India is Kashmir.


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