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18 June, 2015 13:58

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Nadeem Malik Live - 17th June 2015





ABDUL QADIR BALOCH OF PML-N said that Nawaz Sharif stated in the favor of the military because military is also part of the government. He said that he is surprised that Zardari is former president why he gave statement against the military. He said that rangers basically mentioned the corruption in their report that is the hurdle in the way of the operation. He said that the rangers are working under the authority of the provincial government.

He said that if someone had crossed his limits PPPP should have filed a complaint against him. He said that Asif Zardari in his speech attacked on the government that is why PM cancelled his meeting with him. He said that military is the part of the government and not a separate entity.

He said that it is the accusations of Zulfiqar Mirza that provoked Zardari to blast openly. He said that Zulfiqar Mirza is right about that Zardari took over his cousin’s land.

PALWASHA KHAN OF PPPP said that she will like to ask that what the reason was that a cool and composed person like Zardari blasted openly. She said that Zardari statement is being misquoted he also said that he does not want to weaken the military. She said that the consensus was not developing on military courts during the APC and it was Zardari that converged it. She said that Ch Nisar wrote a appreciation letter to Zardari for bringing the consensus.

She said that rangers gave the figure of 250 billion rupees corruption money in their report it is the right of the provincial government to ask that where they got this figure from. She said that a legal action would have taken against the people accused.

She said that PPPP workers celebrated with joy the cancellation of the meeting between Nawaz and Zardari.

She said that God forbid man like Khawaja Asif is talking in the favor of the military. She said that PML-N is responsible for whatever is going on it is good that meeting between Nawaz and Zardari is cancelled and it will never take place again.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that Zardari knew that what is going on in Karachi will someday reach to his door steps as well. He said that MQM was the first line of defense for Zardari he knew that next it will be PPPP. He said that when MQM was accused for serious allegations by the rangers Zardari offered them to join Sindh government. He said that Zardari knows that if he will not draw a line right here it will be his own turn next. He said that most of the money and fighting in Karachi is because of the land grabbing.

He said that Zardari took oath as president of Pakistan but he says that he will reveal the details about the corruption of the generals if they will bother him. He said that it is just like Ch Nisar and Aetzaz Ahsan accused each other in the parliament and said that they will more divulgences if bothered. He said that it is correct that rangers d not have the right to take action against a government department but then why the federal government did not act. He said that rangers are an organized institution of Pakistan and put very serious accusations against the politicians and government employees.

He said that Zardari statement is so unreasonable that PPPP is forced to deny it.

ZULFIQAR MIRZA OF PPPP said that the biggest grab of fraud happened in the history of Pakistan when Zardari handed over five hundred thousand acres government land to Bahria Town. He said that three hundred fifty acres very expensive land in Clifton was given to Zardari as well. He said that Zardari took over the land of Abdul Qadir Baloch cousin too. He said that he has documents to prove his point of view and can produce any time ask for it.


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