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14 July, 2015 10:21

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Nadeem Malik Live - 13th July 2015’-powers(com)-notification-issued





SHIREEN MAZARI OF PTI said that a reaction against the hysterical statement of Zardari came that it can not go on anymore. She said that the meeting between Balawal Bhutto and core Commander of Karachi is a good gesture.

She said that Pakistan has done wrongful conduct with Kashmires just like Afghan mujahideens. She said that we kept compromising just because Bush and Blair are disagreed. She said Musharaf first formed his four points on Kashmir and later tried to give some explanations of his formula.

She said in the campaign against the terrorism action against the Madrassas and banned outfits should also be taken. She said that action against the unlawful organizations in Punjab should be taken but it is not.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that MQM is told that you invited the military and now face it. He said that Altaf Hussain has said that political party or an institution they should kick out the rotten eggs. He said that Altaf Hussain said that he will hold Nawaz Sharif accountable for every single penny and his own finance minister is involved in money laundering.

He said that every action in Karachi should be taken properly and with consensus. He said that the people that call MQM a traitor party should look at the result of NA 246. He said that if Altaf Hussain is a traitor then why Shahbaz Sharif called him for vote for senate. He said that Nawaz Sharif has business in India and his son asked India to help to save his life.

SYED ALI GILLANI OF KASHMIR HURYYAT CONFERENCE said that it is correct that Musharaf told us to accept his four point formula on Kashmir. He said that he kissed on Musharaf forehead and told him to keep working for Kashmiri cause. He said that later on Musharaf said that we should compromise on the Kashmir issue. He said that Musharaf formula on Kashmir was that Indian part of Kashmir should remain with India and other with Pakistan and Kashmiri should only be allowed to see each other. He said that he told Musharaf that we should continue our struggle Allah is with us but Musharaf said Bush and Blair are with him. He said that he told Musharaf that he does not accept his formula and Musharaf left the room in anger. He said that Kashmiri leaders had connections with RAW and they used to meet with each other. He said that Mir Waiz, Abdul Ghani Loan and Yasin Malik all were in contact with RAW and it was very strange thing. He said that he does not know about Kashmiri leaders accepting money from India every thing was going on behind the curtain but their contacts with RAW are confirmed.

MOEED YOUSUF OF SAP OF USA said that he supports Musharaf formula because Kashmiri leadership is divided and has cracks in them. He said that it is joke said in Kashmir that if some Kashmiri leader has economic problems he can go to Mr. Lalit of RAW. He said that Musharaf formula was not the ultimate solution of Kashmir problem. He said that Musharaf formula was to give Kashmiri people a chance to live their normal life and have relationship with each other. He said that all Kashmiri leaders except for Gillani were ready to accept Musharaf formula.

He said that Balawal is brought forward after the statement of Zardari against the military because he has no charges against him. He said that Balawal is not a free man he is still controlled by Zardari. He said that MQM verbal war will continue because Karachi operation has reached to individuals after the political parties. He said that operation in Karachi should continue but transparency should also be practiced. He said that Karachi can not survive without operation right now. He said that people of Karachi are the victim of terrorism for their protection operation should continue.

KHAWAJA MOHAMMAD ASIF OF PML-N said that he will not comment on the accountability process in progress in the military right now. He said that the problem of extortion in Karachi is like urban terrorism. He said that armed wing of some political party is always involved in the terrorism in Karachi. He said that no Pakistani can use the kind of the language Altaf Hussain used in his speech. He said that if Altaf Hussain is brave enough he should come to Pakistan and use bad language. He said that the media was forced to telecast Altaf Hussain four hour long speeches and if someone cut him off was harassed. He said that operation in Karachi will continue otherwise there will be no peace in the city.


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