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15 July, 2015 06:41

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Nadeem Malik Live - 14th July 2015





REHMAN MALIK OF PPPP said that India always involved in terrorism in Pakistan recently Modi stated that India broke up Pakistan. He said that India accused Pakistan for Mumbai attacks without any proof. He said that non state actors from Pakistan and India itself are responsible for Mumbai attacks. He said that he challenges India that they are responsible for the planning of Mumbai attacks. He said that RAW sent two youths to Pakistan and they were kept at Muridkey. He said that both were arrested in Delhi three days prior to Mumbai attacks. He said that a map of the hotel was found from two youths with red circle on it the why India did not took measures to protect it. He said that a man named David Hadley was the agent of both America and India and was the facilitator in Mumbai attacks. He said that the name of Lakhvi is involved in the case because he helped in the opening up of an account in a bank. He said that it does not prove someone as terrorist just because he helped in the opening of the bank account. He said that India itself helped Ajmal Qasab boat to reach to their country. He said that Mumbai attacks were a conspiracy to defame Pakistan military. He said that twice Pakistan sent judicial commission to India but they were not allowed to meet the witnesses of Mumbai attack.

NADEEM NUSRAT OF MQM said that Mohammad Anwar is ill that is why he has been removed from MQM. He said that he was now unable to give proper time top the party because of his sickness. He said that there is no conspiracy behind the removal of Mohammad Anwar from MQM.

He said that governor Sindh was one of the office bearers of party but now he has no connection with MQM. He said that governor Sindh was unable to protect MQM workers so he has been kicked out from the party. He said that if the workers are presented in the court with evidence of terrorism MQM will never pursue them. He said that Dr Farooq Sattar many times expressed his concerns to DG rangers but practically nothing has been done. He said that media always accuse MQM for terrorism Dr Shahid Masood openly accused MQM for Safoora tragedy. He said that governance is another problem of Karachi besides the terrorism. He said that only one party is targeted in Karachi operation whereas SC mentioned five political parties that have their military wings.

SHARJEEL MEMON OF PPPP said that a routine meeting of apex committee held and it was decided to accelerate the Karachi operation. He said that Balawal Bhutto praised the role of the rangers in his meeting with DG rangers. He said that PPPP is the only party that has opposed terrorism openly.

He said that the governor of Sindh is a balanced personality and he never favors anyone. He said that MQM is never accused for Safoora tragedy and it is the heroic of Sindh police that they apprehended responsible of this tragedy in three days.

He said that many criminals were arrested besides the innocent people from nine zero during the raid there. He said that Wali Babar murderers were also arrested from nine zero what they were doing there.

MOEEN HAIDER FORMER INTERIOR MINISTER said that the people of Pakistan did not like the wording by Altaf Hussain used against Pakistan military. He said that the operation in Karachi against both terrorism and the corruption it should continue.


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