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29 July, 2015 07:26

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Nadeem Malik Live - 28th July 2015





ZAEEM QADRI OF PML-N said that PML-N believes in consensus on national issues and will proceed accordingly. He said that to expel PTI from national assembly is no the policy of PML-N. He said that PTI has not accepted the decision of the judicial commission. He said that no decision has been made yet to probe the people behind Dharna of PTI. He said that PM has invited tomorrow the heads of all political parties to pay heed to the decision of judicial commission.

He said that Punjab government has rescued two hundred thousand people strangled in flooding and has provided them the basic necessities.

JAMSHED DASTI POLITICIAN said that PTI deserves the credit to raise the issue of rigging. He said that the election of some members of Punjab assembly was very controversial. He said that those members would have been arrested in some civilized democratic country. He said that the lections were trigged and someone is responsible for it he should be punished. He said that Imran Khan raised his voice against the evil and in Pakistan such person is not seen in good faith. He said that Molana Fazal U Rehman politics is based on compromises he will put his some illegitimate demand to be accepted. He said that MQM is in crises and wants some kind of bargaining.

He said that if a case against the military brass is opened then Asghar Khan Case will also be reopened and ninety percent parliamentarians will go home. He said that the government does not have guts to open the case against the military brass they are raising rhetoric slogans.

He said that the government is responsible for flooding in the country every year. He said that SC prepared a report after the flooding in 2010 and hold PML-N people responsible but CM Punjab did not take any action against them. He said that PML-N people are involved in jobbery of hundred of millions of rupees allocated for the repair of the wharfs.

NAVEED QAMAR OF PPPP said that PPPP tried to bring PTI back to the parliament after Dharna and the attitude shown by Khawaja Asif on their return was not appreciated. He said that PTI has come back to the parliament and expelling them at this stage is not appropriate.

He said that some members of election commission were proactive whereas some were not playing their role at all. He said that PPPP wants accountability of the election commission but there is no room for it in the constitution.

He said that making efforts to overthrow an elected government falls in a high treason case category. He said that if defense minister accuses the military generals for making efforts to overthrow an elected government then it should be probed. He said that it is not appropriate to form judicial commission in every case defense minister himself should investigate the accused generals.

He said that there is lot of encroachment on the water outlets.

MUSHTAQ GHANI OF PTI said that if PTI is expelled it is not going to do any damage to his party but it will be self destructive for the parliament. He said that PTI has accepted the findings of the JC despite of the apprehensions.

He said that if there was any conspiracy against the democracy it should be investigated and PTI will support it.

He said that there are heaviest rains in Chitral this year in the history and one glacier has also melted to make it worst. He said that infrastructure of Chitral has been completely destroyed due to the flooding.


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