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31 July, 2015 06:44

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Nadeem Malik Live - 30th July 2015





SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that someone can express his personal views regarding de-seating PTI from the parliament but the policy statement will come from Nawaz Sharif. He said that there are so many problems in the country right now and we should move forward putting all the differences behind. He said that a strong opposition is necessary for the sake of the democracy in any country.

He said that first time army chief of Pakistan has accused India for terrorism inside our country. He said that Pakistan government is going to take the terrorism case against India to UNO.

He said that in his opinion the character of Ajmal Qasab was created by India he had no connection with Pakistan.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that first time he met general Pasha in 2011 at a dinner for two hours and the topic was Karachi. He said that out of two hours meeting general Pasha only talked for one minute about PTI and called it a non-entity. He said that it will be a matter of great surprise for him if general Pasha had invited his brother Zubair to join PTI. He said that how it is possible that DGISI is supporting Dharna and army chief was not aware of it.

He said that India has propagated in the whole world that Pakistan is an epicenter of terrorism. He said that having political differences is one thing but on the issue of India all political parties are united.

ATHER ABBAS DGISPR said that he does not know about the details of meeting between general Pasha and Mohammad Zubair. He said that he is the one that advised general Pasha to have a channel that could brief him about the ground realities of Karachi. He said that Asad Umer, Jamil Yousuf and Zafar Abbas met with general Pasha and the topic was Karachi only. He said that he never arranged any meeting of general Pasha with Mohammad Zubair and neither general Pasha ever mentioned that he met with him. He said that if the government thinks that general Pasha and Zaheer were involved in Dharna of PTI they should investigate this matter. He said that DGISI can not support Dharna without the permission of army chief so if the DGISI is involved army chief is also involved in it. He said that he does not believe that general Pasha or Zaheer were involved in the making or supporting of PTI.

He said that if there is any loser in the dialogues process with Taliban it seems to be India. He said that India should be thankful to Pakistan to restricting Al-Qaeda in fact eliminating it.

He said that army chief has clearly stated that terrorism and sectarian violence will not be tolerated anymore. He said that the killing of Malik Ishaq is the reflection of his statement.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that Nawaz Sharif himself is involved in Asghar Khan Case and accepting money from ISI. He said that Zubair says general Pasha was involved in Dharna and Asad Umer says he was not both the brothers should sit down to decide that who is telling the truth.

He said that India is not only upset because of CPEC but also has lot of internal problems as well. He said that the terrorism incident in Gordaspur has not taken place yet and India started accusing Pakistan.

He said that it is right to say that PTI should not be expelled from the parliament. He said that PML-N is the enemy of its own it creates another problem for herself after one is resolved.


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