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19 August, 2015 07:27

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Imran Khan in Nadeem Malik Live - 18th August 2015






He said that people are saying that PTI is going through a very problematic phase but he is the only politician that has been struggling for last nineteen years. He said that in KPK PTI defeated all other political parties in the local body elections. He said that the constituencies in KPK where there were complaints of rigging PTI got 45% votes in the reelection as compare to 30% before. He said that scrimmage that is in PTI at this time it has to be when parties expand they do have problems like it. He said that PTI is the only democratic party all others are family centered parties. He said that in PTI anybody can give his opinion.

He said that Musharaf who was president and army chief ISI could not gathered thirty thousand people in Islamabad for him. He said that how can ISI gather three hundred and fifty thousand to four hundred thousand people for PTI jalsa at Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan.

He said that Nawaz Sharif himself is germinated in the lap of the military and General Zia Ul Haq. He said that General Durani former DGISI himself said that he gave money to Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif to form IJI. He said that if he were in place of Nawaz Sharif and had some general tried to overthrow his government he was either going to quit the government or punish the responsible. He said that it is treason to take money to overthrow an elected government. He said that he challenges to show any tape of General Zaheer or give evidence that Imran Khan or PTI took any money from ISI. He said that if the investigations are conducted so many big names of the politicians will come forward that have taken the money. He said when he will go to the parliament he will ask to form a commission to investigate to expose the names of the people that have taken money from ISI. He said that he never talked to General Zaheer during Dharna but otherwise he met him to discuss the terrorism.

He said that he met with General Raheel when Nawaz Sharif asked him to play the role of the mediator. He said that General Raheel said that he can not help to get the resignation of Nawaz Sharif but he will ask to hold investigations of the rigging. He said that he told General Raheel that how the beneficiaries of the rigging will hold fair investigations of the rigging. He said that he only asked for four constituencies to open had it be done he was never going to have Dharna. He said that time will tell that the outcome of JC was the victory or defeat of PTI.

He said that PML-N candidate won in Haripur by election because he has done a lot over there. He said that PML-N candidate has majority of the votes of his own family there. He said that current PML-N candidate defeated PML-N candidate as an independent candidate in the last elections. He said that in the local body elections PTI had a clean sweep victory in Haripur.

He said that what he likes about Reham Khan the most is that she has an opinion on every matter and she is a political woman. He said that in PTI a relative of Imran Khan or any other person has to contest party election to hold a position in the party.

He said that he and his candidate in NA 246 Karachi Imran Ismail were attacked during a rally there. He said that if the environment of fear is removed from Karachi PTI can make room for her there. He said that MQM has to decide now whether it wants to continue the politics of violence or change to democratic politics. He said that many of the MQM members are in contact with him but he will not reveal their names. He said that there are so many educated middle class people in MQM and they are tired of violence themselves.

He said that he struggled in his whole life he knows how to be up after the fall and PTI was never as popular as it is right now.

He said that he asked forty questions to election commission according to the findings of the JC. He said that he does not want to retort Javed Hashmi allegations and that he used to say it in every meeting that he will come on the streets if his demands are not met. He said that according to the JC decision there is no record of 25 million votes available.

He said that he is going to hold elections in his party and will not repeat the mistakes he made in the previous party elections.

He said that the electricity prices have been doubled from the time of the government of PPPP. He said that the petrol is used to produce electricity and the prices of petrol have been dropped to half in the international market.

He said that Pakistan came into being to be a revolutionary Islamic welfare state. He said that Rana Sana Ullah called the sex abuse incident of Kasur a land dispute. He said that a Rana Sana Ullah man directly shot a PTI worker in Faisalabad.

He said that he is very upset on the martyrdom of Shuja Khanzada he was a very credible personality.

He said that people trust Raheel Sharif because they know that he will do what he says. He said that after the army school incident the nation is united and he is seeing a beam of hope now.


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