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25 August, 2015 06:37

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Nadeem Malik Live (Imran Khan Ka Aik Aur Dharnay Ka Elaan…) - 24th August 2015





CH SARWAR OF PTI said that Imran Khan demanded to open four but the government should have offered to open all the constituencies. He said that he was wondering that why the government was hesitant to open four constituencies but after the decision of election tribunal he understood it. He said that does not matter that the candidate was responsible for irregularities in election or the election commission but it raises the question. He said that the government should have formed the judicial commission of its own to probe the rigging so it could not happen again. He said that he firmly believes that the decision of Lodharan constituency will also be in the favor of PTI. He questioned that is the election commission unaware of pre pole rigging that is on in the name of development funds being given to the MNA’s and MPA’s for local body elections. He said that the government is going to hold local body elections in steps so it could focus to use all kind of tactics to win the elections on any cost. He said that the apprehensions that judicial commission showed on election commission the government should have sacked it of its own.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the only forum to go against the rigging in elections is the election tribunal. He said that the election tribunal has given thirty nine decisions against PTI as well. He said that how the justice will be served the judge has to make this decision no one can dictate him.

He said that PTI was agreed on the name of chairman of NADRA when it signed the MOU. He said that no one holds investigations of rigging in the elections on demand in the third world countries. He said that the political parties in Pakistan have set a new tradition of resigning if their demands are not met. He said that if MQM comes back in the parliament PML-N will welcome them and also will consider their demands. He said that Imran Khan should have not mention the issue of General Pasha in his press conference.

FAWAD CH POLITICAL ANALYST said that not just PTI but all the political parties are demanding election commission to resign. He said that the legal way of removing election commission is very lengthy. He said that the morality also matters in the world election commission should have resigned of its own. He said that Pakistan needs a vibrant opposition the PML-N government gets out of control if it is not challenged.

He said that no political party has right to say that only they can collect the cuticles. He said that the money collected out of the sale of the cuticles is being used for terrorism.

He said that the reason of political instability is the attitude of the elite politicians of Pakistan.

MUSTAFA AZIZABADI OF MQM said that MQM has p its demands infront of the PM today. He said that MQM has talked to PM about the issue of extra judicial killings of its workers. He said that Altaf Hussain has stated that if the complaints of MQM are rectified the resignations are not the last option. He said that if the complaints of MQM are removed it will take back the resignations.


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