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26 August, 2015 06:59

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Nadeem Malik Live (Army Chief Ki Karachi Aamd) - 25th August 2015’s-important-karachi-visit..!






ABDUL QADIR BALOCH OF PML-N said that MQM has the mandate of Karachi and it is their responsibility to justify it. He said that Farooq Sattar stated that MQM is not against the operation in Karachi. He said that MQM should be upset with PPPP because it is their government in Sindh. He said that in his opinion MQM will return to the parliament they have given the signal. He said that the PM has clearly said that the operation in Karachi will not be rolled back. He said that the resignations of MQM are the way to pressurize the government.

He said that the military is sacrificing their lives in the war against terrorism including the big brass.

He said that the election tribunal has not accused Ayyaz Sadiq for any kind of the rigging in the election.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that PPPP is in the favor of operation in Karachi and they are the one who called the rangers in the city. He said that PPPP expressed its apprehensions about the rangers it had in Karachi during the operation. He said that it is the impression of the people that the government is not in the lead of the operation against the terrorism. He said that today everybody is praising General Raheel Sharif. He said that it was the military that presented the suggestion of the military courts in the APC. He said that the military made the mistakes in the past but now putting its best efforts to eradicate the terrorism in the country.

He said that the PML-N claims itself a law abiding government but it attacks on the SC as well. He said that about seventy to eighty decisions came in the favor of PML-N just one came otherwise and PML-N is calling the judge bias. He said that the election is null and void even if a candidate loses because of the incompetence of the election staff. He said that the election commission staff committed an irregularity that is why one candidate lost the election.

He said that the ministers of the government are accusing the judge for being biased. He said that the matter should be investigated and if the judge is found biased he should be punished otherwise the ministers.

JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that the whole nation supports the military n operation Zarb-e-Azb. He said that Imran Khan suggested in the APC that the operation against the terrorism should be extended against all the armed groups. He said that the military is playing the key role in the operation against the terrorism otherwise some powers were going to slow it down. He said that if ask the common people they will tell you that General Raheel is the leader of the war against the terrorism.

He said that he is hopeful that the decision of his constituency will come in his favor as well but it is the judge that has to deliver the verdict. He said that there were fifty poling stations in his constituency where voter’s lists were not available.

He said that to threaten Justice Kazim Malik is the attitude like Gullu Butt and all the PML-N members are Gullu Butt. He said that the election commission should take the notice of the threat to the life of Justice Kazim Malik. He said that threatening Justice Kazim Malik is a very dangerous gesture.

JUSTICE (R) KAZIM MALIK said that he has written the letter to Pervez Rasheed and that he threatened him for life. He said that he gave three decisions in the favor of PML-N then he was right but is called biased for giving one decision against PML-N.


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