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22 September, 2015 06:14

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WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that MQM is tired of listening the blame of being RAW agents there is no reality in it. He said that the accusations on MQM are a scam and its motive is to defame his party. He said that if the accusations are correct then law and order agencies should take action and punish the responsible. He said that many stories have been created about the murder of Dr Imran Farooq as well MQM wants the murderers be arrested as soon as possible.

He said that if the case of arrested MQM workers is under investigation and has not been presented infront of the court the TV program can influence the judiciary. He said that such TV programs will prevent the apprehension of the real murderers.

He said that during the operation against MQM in 1992 many workers fled to other countries some of them went to India too. He said that why MQM workers fled to other countries we need to address the root cause of this problem. He said that we also have to see that MQM workers ran away from the country might be working for someone else now.

He said that MQM is having talks with PM right now and can negotiate with establishment as well if necessary.

KHAWAJA NADEEM OF CTD said that they arrested four people from Gulistan-e-Johar and on their information some KWB employees have been arrested too. He said that four people arrested have told that they are working for RAW. He said that Nadeem Ahmed of Karachi Water Board works for the department he takes the salary but does not perform his duty. He said that one of the arrested men has accused Mohammad Anwar and Nusrat Nadeem of MQM of helping them. He said that the accused are on remand and many more employees of KWB could be involved. He said that the four people arrested have revealed many details about the sleeper cells of RAW. He said that his department job is to investigate and not to target any political party. He said that if the involvement of Mohammad Anwar and Nusrat Nadeem of MQM is confirmed then their statements will be taken as well.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that the news of MQM arrested should be highlighted in media nothing wrong in it. He said that MQM workers used to go to India and get training from there. He said that the agents of RAW should be crushed regardless of their party affiliations. He said that one MQM arrested worker has said that he had fight with Javed Langrra in India and they were put in jail there. He said that MQM worker said that Mohammad Anwar of MQM helped them to bail out of the jail. He said that the documentary evidence of the case must be available in India.

He said that MQM does not accept but wherever the action is taken against terrorists their involvement is found.

SHEIKH ROAHIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that this is a matter of great concern that the agents of RAW were working in KWB and are arrested from there. He said that RAW is the enemy of Pakistan and there is no doubt about it but those people are more dangerous that belong to here but working against our own country. He said that if there were some system that Waseem Akhter could listen what arrested MQM workers said he will not be able to deny it. He said that if the arrested agents of RAW still belong to MQM and working for it then we need to be alert about it.

He said that all political parties should be on one page to resolve the problem of Karachi. He said that we have treated Karachi like this city belongs to some other country.


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