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29 October, 2015 04:48

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AJAZ CH OF PTI said that the background of Rana Sana Ullah is such that he always patronizes the criminals and murderers. He said that Bholla Gujjar was the friend of Rana Sana Ullah and he was murdered in January. He said that the news is that after murdering Bholla Gujjar the murderer informed Rana Sana Ullah that he has done the job. He said that to initiate the inquiry of PTI worker Haq Nawaz murder we had to go to the high court and the case is still pending. He said that the man who killed Haq Nawaz was Rana Sana Ullah companion. He said that inquiry is very important before the case going to the court. He questioned if Punjab police can go against power law minister of Punjab Rana Sana Ullah, he said no it is impossible. He said that even when Rana Sana Ullah was not the law minister of Punjab still he was working as law minister. He said that it is the dark side of our prosecution that it remains under the strong influence of the government.

He said that PTI accepts the challenge of PML-N in the local body election. He said that that PTI is apolitical party and is not terrorists. He said that PML-N killed two of PTI workers in Lahore few days back.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that the whole Faisalabad knows that Bholla Gujjar was his friend and police officer Farrukh Waheed killed him on personal grudge. He said that he pursued Bholla Gujjar case from the beginning the murderers are sentenced four times death penalty in the case. He said that he is the plaintiff in the case of Bholla Gujjar murder. He said that there is Bholla Gujjar family in Faisalabad his brothers and his son ask them about this case.

He said that the tickets for local body elections in Faisalabad are allotted with consensus. He said that there will be local body contest between Ch Sher Ali and PML-N candidates in Faisalabad and both belong to PML-N. He said that there is no contest between PML-N and PTI in Faisalabad PTI does not exist in the city and PML-N will win with double majority.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that PML-N requested to SC that banning Siddique Baloch for contesting the election for life is not right. He said that SC has accepted PML-N application and has given the verdict in the favor.

He said that PTI makes the election ambiguous as the poling starts. He said that PML-N will clean sweep in the local body elections.

He said that he belongs to Karachi and MQM is the most popular party there.

JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that his point of view was that he won the election in Lodharan the election should be called null and void. He said that he asked for reelection in Lodharan he got it. He said that Siddique Baloch can not understand English he can not even read his degree.

He said that PTI has the affidavits of hundreds of voters of NA-122 that there votes were transferred without their consent. He said that PTI has written a letter to election commission to clarify the issue of the transfer of the votes.

He said that party votes are important in the general elections but in the local body elections the personality of the candidate is important. He said that the result of surveys varies but today’s general trend shows that PTI is the most popular party of the country. He said that PTI is the only political party that represents all four provinces of Pakistan.

SALMAN MUJAHID BALOCH OF MQM said that banning Siddique Baloch for life was not right good thing that SC removed the ban. He said that now Siddique Baloch will contest the election and it is a good opportunity for PTI to prove its popularity. He said that PTI always complaint to election commission after losing the election. He said that he gives credit to Imran Khan to bring Nawaz Sharif from Islamabad to the roads of Lahore.

He said that MQM has won all the elections in Karachi so far and in Hyderabad half of the MQM candidates have been elected unopposed.


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