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6 November, 2015 06:47

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ASAD UMER OF PTI said that Pakistani rarely hear any good news he is happy on Pakistan victory in cricket test match against England and proud too. He said that India is involved in conspiracies against Pakistan in ICC and there is no international cricket in the country yet it is great the team is playing like a unit. He said that the thing he likes about Misbah is that he has created faith in the team that they can beat the best side in the world.

He said that PTI gets votes in the name of Imran Khan it is not a well organized party. He said that organization is very important in the local body elections. He said that it is being said that PML-N has won local body elections because of the good performance of Shahbaz Sharif. He said that PML-N won 42% as compare to PPPP won 70% local body seats in Sindh. He questioned that what PPPP won local body elections in Sindh because of good governance? He said that the media is showing how government sources and police are used to win local body elections.

He said that there is no doubt that PTI should have produced better results in local body elections. He said that local body elections results should not be compared with the popularity of PTI.

He said that the results of the local body elections on 19th of November will be the same as the last one. He said that as long election commission is not corrected elections reforms are not going to change any thing. He said that police was used and crops were put on fire to win the local body elections in Sindh.

He said that PTI will decide in next twenty four hours that which parties they are going to contact to ask for support for the election of speaker of national assembly. He said that he respects Ayyaz Sadiq but he was a failed speaker of the assembly. He said that PTI and MQM left the assembly but he could not do any thing abut it. He said that MQM is sating that they left the assembly because no body was reading listening to them.

He said that when PTI came back to the parliament MQM taunted them and went to the court against its return. He said that even today many corrupt, looters and law breakers are sitting in the assembly. He said that if justice system of Pakistan would have been working properly many people were not going to be the part of the assembly. He said that many people are sitting in the assembly because of the NRO. He said that many people sitting in the assembly have the cases against them in Pakistan and Switzerland.

He said that he is not very sentimental person but when he heard the news of divorce between Imran Khan and Reham Khan he cried. He said that after the divorce the media is saying most of the things of its own.

He said that Imran Khan deals Jamaima after the divorce with respect and both still have good relationship.
KHAWAJA IZHAR UL HAQ OF MQM said that MQM is going to take its resignations back from national assembly and provincial will be in the next step. He said that the personality of the speaker is very important in his election. He said that the candidate that will have the ability to run the assembly in balanced way MQM will vote in his favor. He said that Shafqat Mahmood is the candidate for speaker from PTI but they have not contacted MQM for support as yet. He said that MQM never called the national assembly fake and never ruined its sanctity.

He said that MQM has stated that the party sees Karachi operation and the sacrifices of the rangers and police with appreciation. He said that MQM express its views if there is any complaint about human rights violation.

He said that PTI did not shoe any reaction on the death of eleven people in Kher Pur and FIR lodged against their candidates there.

IMTIAZ SHEIKH OF PML-F said that Karachi operation is going well but we need reforms in the police now. He said that eleven people are killed in Kher Pur but no minister has offered the condolences. He said that Sindh local government elections were widely rigged and police was used for the purpose.


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