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12 November, 2015 06:09

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ATHER ABBAS FORMER DGISPR said that military operation is one part of the national action plan. He said that the other part is to stop the funding of the terrorists, police and judicial reforms. He said that the government needs to bring Madrassa reforms, ban hate literature and speeches and to work against ban organizations. He said that as long no action will be taken against the academies that provide terrorists the success is impossible. He said that the military involvement inside the country is expanding and the forces are being strangled in the interior situation it is not a good sign. He said that there are two thousand people in Swat still waiting for their fate by the courts.

He said that reactionary statement of the government in the response to the military statement should not be looked upon as a rivalry. He said that there are so many problems in the governance that need to be addressed. He said that the national security is at jeopardy and we have become used to bad governance. He said that the military feels that its demands about good governance are not fulfilled that is why a situation of conflict has been created. He said that the military feels although the good governance is a difficult thing but it is being ignored. He said that the civil institutions have taken some good actions but continuity is required in this regard. He said that if good leadership will not be provided the nation action plan can not succeed. He said that the institutions that have weaknesses should be improved and they should be provided better resources.

ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that the military and the civil institutions are on same page on national action plan and the decisions are being made with consensus. He said that every department needs to be watchful if justice will take twenty years to be done it will create chaos in the society. He said that Shahbaz Sharif has made the recruitment in the police on merit.

He said that if anybody from the government has any connection with the ban organization he should be arrested.

MIAN MAHMOOD U RASHEED OF PTI said that the military has mentioned the correct problems in their statement. He said that perhaps the government was told personally before about bad governance but there was no improvement so the military released their statement. He said that the public statement of the military is not normal business the government needs to be worried about it. He said that the government does not have the good relationship with the military on national action plan. He said that the priorities of the government are not right it is spending money on metro train and the security of the Jati Umra. He said that thirty six billion rupees are being spent on one wall around Jati Umra other than the normal budget. He said that the statement of the military is the warning for the government it needs to improve its governance.

INBISAT MALIK OF MQM said that the government was agreed that it can not act on national action plan of its own it needs the help of the military. He said that if the governance would have been better the government was not going to call the military it could have used the police.

He said that Abid Sher Ali has the cases of murder in Lahore and Faisalabad against him but he is walking free. He said that a MQM worker is put in jail even if he gives a statement.

KHALID RASHEED JOURNALIST said that the government has spent 36.40 billion rupees on the security of Jati Umra. He said that rupees 20.71 million were paid to the police designated on the security of Jati Umra. He said that the government bought high roof vehicles for rupees 30.00 million and spent 50.40 million on other fifteen cars. He said that rupees 280.40 million are supposed to be spent on the 4.4 KM wall around Jati Umra and make it like a fort. He said that ninety cameras and hundred lights are going to be installed in Jati Umra as well. He said that Mian brothers have declared their houses in Model Town and Jati Umra as their official residences and government money will be spent even on a drop of water there.


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