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18 November, 2015 06:17

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MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the results of the second faze of local body elections will be the same as the previous one. He said that PML-N is winning all the by and local body elections. He said that the people have faith in PML-N that is why they keep voting for the party.

Talking about the removal of the picture of Zardari from the posters of PPPP candidates he said that removing the picture of the main leader from the posters is a big event.

He said that eversince PML-N has taken over the power the extremism is on the decline in the country. He said that the process of actions against extremism is slow because we have to be watchful.

NAEEM UL HAQ OF PTI said that in last seven years PML-N in Punjab and PPPP in Sindh have strengthened their roots and it is not easy to compete with them. He said that the trend of the voters is different in the local body elections from general elections. He said that over all the local body elections in Punjab were fair PTI has no complaint about it.

He said that ninety five percent popularity of PTI is because of the Imran Khan statements that he gave on the media and in public. He said that PTI has paid heed to its weaknesses and incompetence to lose local body elections and learning from its mistakes. He said there is a culture of criticism in PTI and Imran Khan encourages it. He said that Mian Azhar and Ch Sarwar said that it was beyond their thinking that so much criticism on Imran Khan is allowed in PTI. He said that Mian Azhar and Ch Sarwar said that no one is allowed to criticize Nawaz Sharif in PML-N.

He said that PTI got eight hundred thousands votes from Karachi in the elections in 2013 and is now second largest party there.

He said that the differences between the PM and army chief despite of sixty two meetings between them is worrisome.

He said that PTI does not trust on chairman NAB as a neutral personality if any case comes against the government he will do nothing.

PALWASHA KHAN OF PPPP said that the admiration for ZA Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto is the major factor for the people of Sindh to vote in the favor of PPPP. She said that PPPP will be satisfied if it does well in the local body elections in Punjab as well. She said that PML-N is getting votes from one province only and not from other three.

She said that Zardari pictures are not removed from anywhere except for Layari.

She said that may be the government and the army were on the same page in the past but not right now. She said that if there is any problem with the military the government should bring the matter infront of the parliament. She said that army chief is the most popular personality of the country at this moment.

She said that one sided operation against the corruption is giving the impression of being biased. She said that why the operation against corruption is not underway in Punjab is there every thing is all right?

KHUSH BAKHT SHUJAT OF MQM said that Altaf Hussain leadership quality made Mustafa Kamal a big name in the country. She said that Altaf Hussain is the only main that pick people from grass root level. She said that other political parties are running their election campaign and MQM workers are being arrested.

She said that Altaf Hussain was the first person to say that Taliban and Daesh have come to Karachi but no one supported him. She said that eleven months have gone by but nothing has been done about national action plan.

She said that MQM has no objection on operation in Karachi but why the operation against corruption is not on in Punjab.


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