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27 November, 2015 09:32

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ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that Sindh government will support Dr Asim but rangers should remain nuetral. He said that Dr Asim remained in custody for ninety days and that was enough time to keep him. He said that people are being made hero because of the wrong strategy. He said that it is unfortunate for Pakistan that no big shot is ever arrested on the charges of the corruption.

He said that SC has stated that PPPP and MQM terrorists are helping out each other. He said that Sharjeel Memon statement that PPPP government conducted operations against the terrorists is not true. He said that because of the operation of rangers MQM got the opportunity to present herself as the victim. He said that the court has to take action against the people involved in corruption and not the people. He said that money was found from Ayyan Ali at least someone should ask her that who the money belongs to.

He said that if the national action plan fails it will be because of the civil side. He said that there is a nexus of big shots in Pakistan and poor is oppressed.

SHARJEEL MEMON OF PPPP said that when someone is wanted in some case a notice is served to him but has not received any notice. He said that suddenly his name is put in ECL as Ch Nisar has now changed the policy to put the name in the list. He said that there is no proof that money was procured from his house during the raid. He said that he is out side the country to get the treatment he will soon come back he has not done anything wrong. He said that the allegation on Dr Asim to treat the terrorists is wrong because doctor has to give treatment to everybody.

He said that it is not true that PPPP and MQM are coherent the operation was underway during PPPP government. He said that criminals like Ajmal Pahari were arrested during the operation in PPPP government.

LATIF KHOSA OF PPPP said that put any charge on Dr Asim but the charge of helping the terrorists is not true. He said that constitution says that someone can have treatment from any doctor of his choice. He said that rangers got ninety days remand against Dr Asim but found nothing. He said that in the democracy if someone does something wrong the people make him answerable.

He said that wrong case of money laundering has been registered against Ayyan Ali the charges are not correct. He said that the money Ayyan Ali was carrying was her own she sold her plots and was going to give the share to her brother.

He said that the police do not collect the evidence from the scene so how the court can punish anybody.

MUSHTAQ SUKHERA IG POLICE PUNJAB said that new laws were introduced in Punjab after the incident of APC. He said that very successful operations have been carried out against the terrorists in South Punjab. He said that the terrorists of South Punjab are either killed or have fled to Afghanistan and other countries. He said that no terrorist is present in South Punjab at this moment.

He said that the terrorists are killed in police encounters because the evidence courts ask to present against them are impossible.

He said that the reason behind the kidnapping of children in Punjab is sexual molestation rather than the money for ransom.

SUMAN JAFFERY OF MQM said that MQM today registered its protest against the rangers through their rally. She said that MQM has great expectations from Karachi in local body elections and vigorously running its election campaign in the city.


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