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8 January, 2016 07:01

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He said that Saudi Arabian coalition can become a problem not only for Pakistan but for the whole world. He said that Pakistan is already in the middle of the war against terrorism we should make any decision with consideration. He said that there are two motives of foreign policy one the protection of the citizens and secondly their welfare. He said that our foreign policy for thirty five years is that Zia Ul Haq joined Afghan war by taking money from America. He said that first we took money to form the groups of Mujahideens used them in Afghanistan and Kashmir and now we are trying to eliminate them for money. He said that sectarian war can begin in Pakistan by joining Saudi coalition and we can suffer a lot. He said that no one from Pakistan was involved in nine eleven but we sold our military for money. He said that we never thought of our people we took little money and harmed our people a lot. He said that we have suffered the loss of one hundred billion in the war against terrorism thousands of our people have lost their lives. He said that we have joined the Saudi coalition but we do not know the details of this treaty. He said that he himself is going to Saudi and Iranian embassies to learn that what is going on. He said that we should not take side of Saudi Arabia or Iran but should pay heed that what will be the consequences of it. He said that we do not have any threat from Daesh instead we have threat of bad governance.

He said that PTI government has better its police system and it caused sixty percent drop in the crimes. He said that Naseer Ullah Babar carried out the operation in Karachi with the help of police and got success in few weeks.

He said that PPPP and PML-N are coinciding with each other on corruption. He said that Zardari is giving message to Nawaz Sharif that he did not touch the cases of his corruption when he was in power so why Nawaz Sharif is doing so.

He said that Imran Khan does not treat the patients in Shokat Khanum Hospital it has its own system. He said that many people from Afghanistan come for the treatment at Shokat Khanum Hospital how we can know their identity. He said that Taliban leader Mullah Rabbani was treated in Shokat Khanum Hospital in 2000 and Pakistan recognized Taliban government then.

He said that the corrupt have an alliance in Pakistan any body caught in corruption call it political victimization. He said that it took two years to form accountability cell in KPK and it was the minister of PTI that was arrested by them first. He said that the accountability cell of KPK later arrested a senator of other political party and they called it political victimization. He said that as long we will allow corrupt to contest elections we can not have accountability in Pakistan.

He said that nobody is powerful in democratic system but the one that performs. He said that direct taxation has decreased and indirect taxation has been increased during the government of PML-N. He said that direct taxation applies on the rich and indirect applies on common goods that everybody pays regardless of his income.

He said that soon PTI is going to release a report on the performance of the government. He said that KPK government is most transparent and he challenges to prove any major case of corruption against it.

He said that no ruling party has ever lost the local body elections.

He said that Abdul Aleem Khan has a strong case against Ayyaz Sadiq and PTI is very hopeful about the out come of this case.

He said that PTI has become a big political party and soon its party elections are going to be held to better organize it. He said that all the party positions will be dissolved on 15 of January and new party elections will take place. He said that the parties of status quo are saying to not to talk about rigging in the elections. He said that if he will not go against the rigging same thing will be done in the next elections again. He said that as long the people responsible for rigging are not punished he will not let this issue go.

He said that to offer amnesty to make the black money white is just like taxing the honesty. He said that as long we are taking loans we can not become a sovereign nation. He said that we always under estimate Pakistani nation they gave me nine hundred million rupees for Shokat Khanum Hospital in one month.

He said that the people of Pakistan have to decide today that what kind of nation they want to be after ten years. He said that sixty percent population of Pakistan in living below poverty level. He said that his first priority will be to improve health facilities, education and eradicate poverty from the country.

He said that he heard that many people cried on the song of Reham Khan and she sang very well. He said that people will cry on his singing as well that do not sing any more.

He said that divorce is very painful thing it like the death some relationships do not go along.

He said that Allah (SWT) has said in Quran that he gives the happiness but plight comes because of man’s own deeds. He said that after every mistake he evaluate himself that where he was wrong. He said that he learnt a big lesson out of the divorce with Reham Khan.


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