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16 February, 2016 09:33

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MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that in 1958 Ayyub Khan imposed martial law in the country and later unconstitutionally handed over the power to Yahiya Khan that ended up in the breaking of the country. He said that our policies from 1947 and some politicians also contributed in the breakage of Pakistan. He said that the military should accept hundred percent responsibility of the breakage of the country.

He said that his father Mohammad Umer was given the responsibility of conducting the elections in East Pakistan and everyone knows that 1971 elections were the most transparent in the history of the country. He said that later his father was serving a division in Kashmir when Bhutto summoned him and retired him in uniform.

He said that Altaf Hussain is a big political leader there should be no ban on his speech. He said that the graph of MQM has gone up after the ban on the speech of Altaf Hussain. He said that anybody can give his opinion on1971 and other events of the country.

He said that General Shahid Aziz has declared Nawaz Sharif not guilty in the event of Kargil. He said that General Shahid Aziz has said that nobody knew about the Kargil plan except for four military generals. He said that General Musharaf begged Nawaz Sharif that we have been strangled in Kargil and help in cease fire with the help of America. He said that Imran Khan in one of his statement said that our soldiers butchered our own people in East Pakistan. He said that our military did human rights violation in 1971 but not as much as Imran Khan stated.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that besides military the far distance of East Pakistan and corruption also contributed in the breakage of the country. He said that the military, Bhutto and India are the three main factors of the breakage of the country.

He said that there was frustration in Bengalis and took advantage of it and our military let it spoiled.

He said that the Hamood U Rehman report did not let released in Pakistan but it was released in India later. He said that the Kargil incident took place but see the innocence of PM Nawaz Sharif he says that he was unaware of it. He said that Pervez Musharaf says that he had two meetings on Kargil with Nawaz Sharif. He said that in one of the meeting Musharaf says that he served sandwiches to Nawaz Sharif and he said that the cook is very good he should be in the prime minister house. He said that the institutions can be criticized but there should be carefulness doing so. He said that Pakistan and India both militaries committed human rights violations in East Pakistan.

KHALID MAQBOOL SIDDIQI OF MQM said that the main responsible for the breakage of the country was the military because they were in power at that time. He said that many nations that were destroyed besides other factors one common factor was injustice. He said that the people that wanted to rule on Pakistan were threatened by two things one the majority of the Bengalis and second the quality of the Urdu speaking people. He said that Bengalis and Urdu speaking people were politically cornered through ZA Bhutto.

He said that other leaders have spoken outrageously against the military but MQM is banned for saying little things.

He said that Bengalis, Mohajirs, Pathan and Balochis are called traitors in this country there should be a commission on this issue.

LATIF KHOSA OF PPPP said that Asif Zardari statement was quoted without its context. He said that Bhutto is being held responsible for breakage of the country he did not appointed Noor Ul Amin as PM neither he put Mujeeb U Rehman in prison. He said that he will not hold any institution responsible for the breakage of the county but Yahiya Khan and his colleagues should accept the responsibility and apologize to the nation. He said it will not be fair if we will not give credit to Bhutto for smart negotiations with India and the release of the ninety three thousand prisoners. He said that Nawaz Sharif surrendered in front of did not take any guaranty from America for the safety of our soldiers while returning back from the Kargil. He said that Pervez Musharaf says that he informed Nawaz Sharif before Kargil episode.

He said that he does not believe that our soldiers killed our own people in East Pakistan India spread lot of false rumors.


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