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23 February, 2016 07:16

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KHAWAJA IZHAR UL HASSAN OF MQM said that MQM can not be hold responsible for Baldya Town Tragedy without evidence in the report of JIT. He said that if some people are involved from MQM still targeting us as a party will be unfair. He said that keeping the armed groups away from the political parties is in the best interest of the county. He said that joining of the criminals to any political party is very easy they are not paramilitary forces that do the screening before letting anybody in. He said that Baldya Town Tragedy is so barbaric that anybody involved in it should be punished severely. He said that another JIT was formed before the present one why there is so much discrepancy in the reports of the two?

He said that Altaf Hussain has been banned because of raising the issue of Taliban and Da,ish and extremism. He said that a case has been registered against him for crime of clapping on the speech of Altaf Hussain and he is goes to the court to face this case. He said that CM of Sindh and his ministers are involved in rampage corruption but no action is being taken against them.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that Baldya Town tragedy case is not difficult the owners of the factory should come forward to tell that who asked them for extortion. He said that the people that asked for extortion can also tell that who they were working for. He said that if it is established that Hammad Siddiqi of MQM is involved in the Baldya Town Tragedy then Sindh government will have no other choice but to take action against him. He said that when the facts about Baldya Town Tragedy are proved the details of the case should be made public they should not be concealed form the people.

He said that the case of Dr Asim is presented in a wrong way many documents have been tampered that will be established in front of the court. He said that the lawyer of Dr Asim has the real documents that will be produced in front of the court.

He said that there should action against anybody that is involved in corruption regardless the political party or any other department he belongs to. He said that if MQM has any evidence against PPPP they should bring it forward otherwise they will not be fulfilling their duties. He said that NAB is an institution of accountability but it should not humiliate people in the name of accountability. He said that a blame is put against Munawar Talpur and media is exploiting it they should verify the facts first.

He said that there is no political party in Pakistan that meets the standards of the principles of the democracy. He said that he does not believe that any political party gives so much freedom of opinion as PPPP.

AJAZ CH OF PTI said that according to the constitution of Pakistan no political party can have its armed wing. He said that worst examples of prosecution are set in the tragedies of Model Town and Dr Asim case. He said that if the murders belong to influential class they are not only forgiven they are also allowed to go abroad.

He said that the head of accountability in KPK did not accuse provincial government for any wrong doing. He said that a committee has been formed to review the amendment made in the accountability bill in KPK that will complete its work in two to four weeks.

He said that PTI is the only party trying to have its party elections and elect people without any discrimination of their class.

AHMED BALAL MAHBOOB OF PILDAT said that despite of the most popular political party PML-N is the least Democratic Party. He said that PML-N never holds its party elections neither call the meeting of its central committee. He said that kinship politics is increasing in Pakistan and the situation has gotten to worst in this regard. He said that JI is the number one party meeting the criteria of democracy. He said that first time JI has amended its constitution and now women can also become the member of their Shura. He said that all the political parties are very weak in revealing that who gives them money and how much. He said that all the political parties should present their funding record in front of the election commission.


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