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4 March, 2016 06:40

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MUSTAFA KAMAL FORMER MEMBER OF MQM said that he stands on his words about Altaf Hussain and may Allah give guidance to those who are calling his accusations baseless. He said that he can take names that who knows what but he will keep the control on him. He said that the history of MQM tells that killing of its workers or arrest is not a problem for this party. He said that Altaf Hussain insults and abuses day and night to the members of Rabita Committee. He said that Allah knows his intentions well he was the member of Rabita Committee and senator but he left everything. He said that we do not need to be a scholar to know that one day we have to face Allah after the death.

He said that besides working as telephone operator he has performed the duty as sweeper and guard as well. He said that twenty to twenty five thousand workers have sacrificed their life that is how Altaf Hussain has accumulated his wealth. He said that the whole world knows that MQM takes money from RAW and there is documentary proof of it. He said that what happened on 12th of May he will not get into this matter that is not his agenda. He said that he only told those events that took place and just collected them in his press conference. He said that MQM workers are beaten up on the orders of Altaf Hussain they are even spanked with shoes.

He said that Altaf Hussain remains intoxicated and everybody knows it. He said that recently what Altaf Hussain said in his speech o one can let his sister or mother to listen it.

He said that he has not contacted with any of the member of MQM he and Anees Qaim Khawani were living in Dubai together and they have come back together to Pakistan. He said that he will talk to the members of MQM if they will contact him his motive is to bring unity and not disintegration. He said that he will not copy any political party but many good things will take place and people will see it. He said that Altaf Hussain neither supported PPPP nor opposed it with full vigor. He said his agenda is not just Karachi but the whole of Sindh and Pakistan. He said that the powers have to be transferred to the union council level. He said that he has no intention to join Pervez Musharaf or PTI.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that Mustafa Kamal has posed very serious alligations on MQM. He said that MQM has not given any solid answer of the accusations of Mustafa Kamal. He said that PTI will form a policy on Mustafa Kamal press conference and then will give its reaction on it. He said that if Mustafa Kamal has any proof of his alligations on MQM then it is very serious matter otherwise nothing will come out of it.

SHAHEEN SAHBAI JOURNALIST said that Mustafa Kamal is an insider of MQM and he has posed big alligations. He said that the government or some agency should contact with Mustafa Kamal and investigate his alligations otherwise they will remain just the alligations. He said that it is very important for Pakistan that if some one is taking money from RAW the matter should be investigated.

MUSTAFA AZIZABADI OF MQM said that just like MQM Haqiqi was formed in 1992 Mustafa Kamal is its second part. He said that eversince MQM is formed the establishment has not accepted it and called it the agent of the RAW. He said that ob money laundering case Scott Land Yard has said that they do not have enough evidence.


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