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9 March, 2016 09:33

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BABAR GHORI OF MQM said that he is sorry that he served Pakistan but is he is being accused of something he does not know himself. He said that the members of the parliament are being blamed he will request to PM, interior minister and the army chief to hold investigations. He said that anybody can accuse to anybody in the JIT there should be cross questioning that who told them to accuse some one. He said that JIT has cleared his name on the allegations put by Solat Mirza on him. He said that he is not familiar with the people he is accused to have relation for if it is determined he should be hanged. He said that what British police questioned him in the case of money laundering it is the part of their on going inquiry and there is nothing significant about it.

He said that he left the country on 15th of March last year and on 19th he was accused through the tape of Solat Mirza. He said that when Nawaz Sharif was accused during Musharaf government why did he leave the country? He said that if the PM assures him of justice and punish those who accused him wrongfully he is ready to return to the country tomorrow.

He said that Ashoora tragedy MQM is accused for its responsible have been arrested and they belonged to Jund Ullah. He said that he is the won who broke the deal of Gawadar with China and built first overhead bridge and under pass in Karachi.

He said that the allegations against MQM should be investigated if they are true we should be punished otherwise close this chapter now. He said that let the London police investigate the alligations on Altaf Hussain there.

He said that BBC has contradicted its alligations against MQM.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the nature of allegation on Babar Ghori is very serious he should come back to Pakistan to clear his name. He said that every few days MQM is being accused for some thing they should clarify their side now even insiders are accusing them. He said that our establishment also has “Love and Hate” relationship with MQM some times they call them patriot and some time s otherwise.

He said that everything about MQM was in the knowledge of Pervez Musharaf why he did not take any action against them. He said that when Mustafa Kamal was asked that what proof he has against MQM he is accusing for he did not answer. He said that Sarfraz Merchant allegations have some potential so the interior minister ordered an inquiry on them. He said that the inquiry on the allegations of Sarfraz Merchant will reveal many things against MQM.

SHAFQT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that there is evidence present in the murder of Shahid Hamid, connection with RAW and Baldya Town tragedy. He said that someone should convince to interior minister to hold investigations he is calling the accusation against MQM the old one.

He said that in 1995 he went to Geneva for conference on human rights and Mohammad Anwar of MQM was the part of Indian delegation and sitting with them all the time. He said that if someone will call him will testify he is a eye witness. He said that two hundred fifty police personals that participated in operation against MQM were killed one after another during Musharaf government. He said that in his personal opinion the allegations against MQM should be investigated.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that he is listening about the allegations against MQM for a while now and all of them are not false. He said that if the allegations against MQM are true then our agencies must know about them. He said that a investigating commission should be constituted on the allegations against MQM. He said that Rehman Malik used to contact between PPPP and MQM and everybody knows it. He said that our institutions should start investigations against MQM on the basis of the evidence coming forward so far.


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