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22 March, 2016 09:39

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ANEES ADVOCATE FORMER LEADER OF MQM said that he is in London since a998 but this time he came back to Pakistan after four years. He said that he is part of the secretariat of MQM from inception every thing in the party is not being controlled from there. He said that he saw in the London secretariat of MQM that how mafia and don work. He said that the people of MQM mafia are in hiding but later on some names like Mohammad Anwar and Tariq Mir were disclosed. He said that Altaf Hussain has the role of don in MQM. He said that he was expelled from the party fifty times because he used to proscribe them. He said that the rumors of the illness of Altaf Hussain are spread by the MQM themselves to gain the sympathies of the people it is not easy to understand them. He said that when Altaf Hussain controls his happy hours he feels well otherwise not he can not stand on his feet of his own more one minute. He said that if it is being said that rangers have arrested Pasha of MQM to force him to join us we announce it now that we will not accept him in our party.

MUSTAFA KAMAL FORMER LEADER OF MQM said that he telling from day one that MQM made its people the agents of RAW and told them to take the training of using weapons in Clifton. He said that why don’t MQM give answers of their allegation they are not lying. He said that they have succeeded they have done what was needed to be done on 3rd of March 2016. He said that they have not come to Pakistan under some conspiracy they will do the job if Allah wills. He said that their target is not any prominent personality but common people of Pakistan. He said that they have come to galvanize people they are tired of violence. He said that he is answerable to Allah after his death Altaf Hussain is not going to answer on his behalf. He said that so many people are coming to join him he does not have time even to eat. He said that just wait for two days his party name will be announced to the people. He said that the name of his party will be chosen from the names suggested by the people.

He said that think tanks are working on the manifesto of his party and it will be a practical manifesto. He said that he will lie to devolve powers to lower level so people could make their own decisions. He said that he will not use NAB for accountability but will like people to do this job.

He said that two MPA’s of MQM that promised to resign from the assembly have rendered their resignations and have been sent through mail. He said that he did not come to create any crisis the crisis is already there the youth is diverted to become the agents of RAW and mothers are crying for their sons.

He said that if it is proven that Hammad Siddiqi is involved in Baldya Town Tragedy he will offer himself for hanging before anybody else. He said that Hammad Siddiqi was with him when Baldya Town tragedy happened.

He said that he is telling those people joining him to love and respect those who are against him. He said that he will contact with all political parties and has no enmity with any party.

He said that he will provide equal opportunity to all and make city of Karachi peaceful.

He said that Farooq Sattar has some limitations he is very innocent and he does not want to create any problems for him.

He said that the nations get a chance to forget the mistakes of the past and start a new beginning and he thinks that moment has come.


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