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11 May, 2016 04:01

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ASAD UMER FROM PTI said that not declaring the assets is considered as concealment of the wealth. He said that money laundering, concealment of wealth and tax evasion many laws can be applied on Panama Leaks investigations. He said that the people that have evaded tax should not be accused but rut in jail by the government. He said that the taxes paid by the PM and his life style does not match with each other. He said that there is the name of PM in Panama Leaks it is clearly says that the offshore companies belong to Nawaz Sharif children.

He said that the government has not invited opposition as yet for talks they should tell the name of the person they have invited if any.

He said that no other political party has gone through the hardships of the dictators as much PPPP but it does not justify the corruption of Zardari or Sharjeel Memon. He said that the law that will apply on the PM will be applied on everybody else.

He said that the point of view of the government is such that a man has a gun in his hand and a dead body is on the ground and he is saying that do some thing to prevent the murders in the future. He said that there should be law to prevent murders in the future but first we have to investigate the current case.

KHURRUM DASTGIR KHAN OF PML-N said that the name of the PM is not in the Panama Leaks his children are and they will fight their case of their own. He said that PTI should be called now Panama club. He said that the government has invited the opposition for talks on Panama Leaks. He said that he prays that PTI should never face a dictator PML-N has suffered harsh days during Musharaf era. He said that we need to take such a way that the problem of corruption could be resolved once for all.

ALI ZAFAR PRESIDENT OF SC BAR ASSOCIATION said that SC bar association has passed a resolution that the names from the judiciary included in Panama Leaks should be investigated.

He said that the TOR’s of the government for investigations are toothless. He said that investigating commission should have the authority to go abroad to collect the evidence. He said that the commission should have powers of the court. He said that the commission should have the authority to publish its decision of its own so that the information could reach to the people freely. He said that the commission should complete its investigations in two months. He said that the commission should have the authority to hire any investigation agency.

He said that first of all the powers of the commission are supposed to be decided the delay is creating the doubts that the government is not serious. He said that the TOR’s of the government are very soft whereas the opposition are political both are needed to take a middle way.

He said that it is the fundamental right of the people of Pakistan that the accusations against the PM are true or false.


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