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12 May, 2016 07:12

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DR MUSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that internal and external security issues were discussed in the meeting of PM and Raheel Sharif and Panama Leaks was not debated. He said that in the beginning of any important meeting the media goes in the cameras are rolled but they leave after the start of the formal meeting. He said that the matter is under investigation that how the video of the meeting of PM and army chief was rolled on private TV channel.

He said that the PM has said that he and his children are ready to give explanation on Panama Leaks then there should be no issue about it. He said that Mr. Irfan Qadir has made NAB, FIA and SC controversial in his argument.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that Dunya TV has played the video of the meeting of the PM and army chief today how this video was released? He said that the broadcasting of the video gives the impression that the video was released by the government for reason.

He said that the time when the PM’s children bought the flats in London he paid only Rs 477 as taxes. He said that he can predict that the PM will come to the parliament on Friday but will not answer any of the questions. He said that if our institutions would have been independent we were not going to have this debate on Panama Leaks. He said that accusations like corruption, money laundering and tax evasion are being labeled but NAB is unmoved.

He said that the people within the government are saying that two or three months are left in the retirement of Raheel Sharif delay the things and then every thing will be all right.

SHAZIA MARI OF PPPP said that if the release of the video of the meeting of the PM and army chief is a security laps then it is a very worrisome thing.

She said that there could be no simple and clear way to ask the PM about Panama Leaks than the seven questions of the opposition parties. She said that opposition has asked the question priorly to the PM so that he could prepare himself to answer. She said that the PM does not come to the parliament himself but was advising to PTI to come to the house during Dharna.

She said that NAB put up the cases of its choice PPPP is demanding from inception that across the board action should be taken.

She said that every one knows who used to go to the SC wearing black coat in the last government and which door of the court used to be opened for him. She said that the PM never gives importance to the parliament he never comes to the house.

IRFAN QADIR FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL OF PAKISTAN the SC that used to suo moto notices listening the TV talk shows is quite on the issue of Panama Leaks. He said that the SC should answer about its double standards. He said that the SC is tilted towards a special political group. He said that there is a need to form a neutral SC in the country. He said that the legislative structure to curve the corruption is present in the country but NAB is not utilizing it.


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