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14 July, 2016 06:52

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MISHAL MALIK KASHMIRI LEADER said that no day go without the killing of Kashmiri people on the hands of Indian military they are blood suckers. She said that Burhan wani came out of the Mosque after paying his prayers when Indian military shot him along with his two companions. She said that six to seven hundred thousand people participated in the funeral procession of Burhan Wani which is largest in the history of Kashmir. She said that the Indian government has imposed curfew in the valley and has ordered its military to shoot to kill so thirty seven people have been martyred. She said that America is quite on the atrocities in Kashmir because of its business interest with India. She said that only those nations are remembered in the histories that stand for the human rights. She said America and the world may stay quite on the atrocities Kashmiri will never give up their struggle. She said that the Kashmir issue is on the agenda of UNO for last seventy years it is a failure and shows that how much power UNO possesses. She said that she will appeal to Pakistani politicians to be united on Kashmir issue and voice their support everywhere in the world. She said that the PM should call the session of the parliament and should rally his support for the Kashmir cause. She said that the blood is being shed in Kashmir for decades Pakistan has to revamp its policy.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that he will like to see the Pakistani government and politicians united on Kashmir cause and they will do so. He said that it is the best opportunity in the movement of Kashmir in last sixty eight years the PM should himself call the world leaders. He said that Pakistan is the part of the thirty four nation alliance of Saudi Arabia we should raise this issue there.

He said that the change that has come in the current movement of Kashmir is that if India military pursue a Kashmiri militant the whole village comes out in the support of the Youngman. He said that he will appeal to Kashmiri people to send the images of the India brutality to PTI, other political parties and media so they could be publicized in the world.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that Pakistan has always raised the issue of Kashmir at every level. He said that we should call the session of the parliament and discuss the Kashmir issue there. He said that the PM has called the cabinet meeting on Friday and will consider different suggestions on Kashmir movement. He said that in the past then world was awakened on Kashmir issue but non state actors bailed out India. He said that the media should highlight the atrocities in Kashmir because the picture of one Syrian dead child stirred the whole world.

NAFEES ZAKRYA SPOKE PERSON OF FOREIGN MINISTRY said that the current situation of Kashmir is very critical. He said that Pakistan ahs raised the issue of Kashmir n UNO and Europe Union. He said that thirty four nation alliance of Saudi Arabia is at its initial stages.

FAHMEEDA MIRZA FORMER SPEAKER said that the issue of Kashmir should be discussed in the parliament and committee on Kashmir. She said that we should raise the issue of Kashmir in UNO and OIC.

ASIA INDRABI KASHMIRI LEADER said that form one corner to other the protest is on in Kashmir valley. She said that public meetings processions and slogans in the protests are on in Kashmir valley right now. She said that the number of martyred has reached to forty and children are being turned blind by India forces. She said that India commits atrocities in Kashmir and call it its internal problem. She said that India is ruling on Kashmir by force. She said that the Kashmir movement is the incomplete chapter of two nation theory of Pakistan which has to be completed. She said that Pakistan should cut off its diplomatic ties with India temporarily in protest. She said that the issue of Kashmir is on the agenda of UNO for last sixty nine years and India is bluffing the world.


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