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21 July, 2016 06:41

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SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that on 7th of August PTI will contact with the people and will approach them because the government is stubborn. He said that the opposition held eight meetings on TORs showed flexibility but the government is unmoved. He said that it is decided in the meeting on yesterday that the government will stay stubborn and the opposition has no other option but to go to the people. He said that there is another opportunity for the government that opposition is going to present a bill in the parliament on TORs they should pass the legislation. He said that the opposition does not want chaos or the military intervention they have decided not to support any extra constitutional action. He said that in the meeting of yesterday most of the opposition parties were not in the favor of anymore talks they are suspicious about the attitude of the government.

He said that the government intentionally dragging the Panama issue so the people should forget it and the opposition get into the differences between them. He said that the appointment of the army chief has nothing to do with the Panama Leaks. He said that if the government had willed the issue of Panama Leaks would have been decided by now. He said that the ministers are never tired saying that the government and the military are on one page but it is not true. He said that opposition wants to tell the truth to the people if the corruption is not controlled the things are not going to change for the better. He said that thanks to the government for bringing then unity in the opposition in 2013 they were divided in three major groups. He said that if the government is agreed on the bill on Panama Leaks there will be no reason for protest.

SHERI REHMAN OF PPPP said that opposition gave enough opportunities to the democratic government for clarification on Panama Leaks. She said that the PM delivered a speech in the parliament on Panama Leaks and abroad but failed to satisfy to the people. She said that PPPP has not decided as yet whether it will support PTI protest or not. She said that protest is the democratic right especially when you are pushed against the wall. She said that the opposition will decide that how far they will take to the protest against the government. She said that there si9 red line of everything the government should avail this golden opportunity. She said that PML-N is not vibrant their MNA’s are out of control and the institutions have been destroyed.

She said that the government has no foreign policy and slowly giving space to the military. She said that it will not make any difference even if the government appoints a foreign minister right now. She said that the government has taken so much loans that she does not know that how the next government will deal with it. She said that PPPP will never support any extra constitutional action its leaders ZA Bhutto and Benazir blood is part of the democracy in the country.

KHURRUM DASTGIR OF PML-N said that opposition can go for protest but should not distribute the sweets and the chaos. He said that the government will welcome any bill on TORs and ready to talk about it. He said that instead of the protest the opposition should help to complete the election commission. He said that Panama Leaks is not the proof crimination instead it says that some people have their companies abroad. He said that it is not right to say that the government has no foreign policy. He said that within the one year of taking the power the PM visited Iran and fixed its relationship with India. He said that the freedom of expression should not be used for undemocratic activities.


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