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25 August, 2016 06:36

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He said that there were some internal problems in MQM it was controlled by London Rabita-committee. He said that MQM Pakistan had some apprehensions about the party regarding controlled by London Rabita Committee. He said that they can run MQM from Pakistan but the sedition statements they made are unacceptable for the people of Sindh and Pakistan. He said that MQM will be run from Pakistan or not it is too early to say it will be cleared in the future.

He said that prompt action was taken after what MQM did on 22nd of August but at the same time the government did not want to take any step to deteriorate the situation. He said that with the blessings of Allah the situation was controlled within one hour and some people were apprehended as well. He said that a case has been registered against the MQM people that instigated the violence. He said that rangers and the police did not raid anywhere on 22nd of August instead they called MQM people showed them the video of the violence and they identified their people. He said that some women are also raising slogans against Pakistan they will be charged according to the law too they have been identified. He said that Sindh government needs help of the federation in order to take action against Altaf Hussain and he will talk to Ch Nisar regarding this issue on his visit to Karachi.

He said that on 22nd of August after the violence he told the people of Karachi and Sindh that we will go to the work tomorrow as usual and next day the business was as usual. He said that he told to the people that you go and sleep Sindh government is awakening. He said that the statements of Altaf Hussain burn his blood but it is impossible to black him out of the media completely. He said that common people should condemn Altaf Hussain statement and they should not participate in their activities.

He said that on 23rd of August election commission asked him if he wants to postpone the elections to elect mayors but he said no they should go on. He said that he told that he does not want to take the right of mayorship from the party that has won the election. He said that he talked to the people of MQM and said that he does not want to ban MQM but if they will not follow the law they will face the consequences.

He said that he has good relationship with the rangers previously and right now as well. He said that rangers in Karachi for last twenty seven years and they rarely got extension on time in all those years it always goes some days beyond the due date. He said that today media starts counting the time that how many hours, minutes and seconds are left to give extension to the rangers. He said that he took oath on Friday and on Monday he signed the bill of extension in the powers of the rangers.

He said that rangers operation was Karachi specific only the situation in the Sindh is not too bad. He said that if a criminal flees to Sevon after committing some crime Karachi police contacts with sevon police. He said that the rangers operation will be successful after the police will stand on its feet and take the responsibility. He aid that he is trying to clear the situation f fear from Karachi after the 22nd August incident next day life was normal.

He said that the case about the land of Bahria Town is in the court so he will not make any comments on it. He said that after the verdict of the court on Bahria town he will take any decision necessary according to the law.

He said that he worked with Qaim Ali Shah for eight years he used make his own decisions. He said that an impression was created that someone else takes decisions on his behalf. He said that he also takes consultation form his leadership but whatever decision he will make he will take the responsibility of it.

He said that he ahs prepared a development package for Karachi and he himself is monitoring it. He said that he is monitoring the development package of Karachi himself but not for the sake of photo session.

He said that the situation in Thar is not too bad and he is working to improve it.


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