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18 November, 2016 03:58

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BARRISTER ZAFRULLAH OF PML-N said that he is a professional lawyer and he will not comment that Sharif family is winning or losing the Panama case in the court. He said that the evidence PTI produced is not authentic they produced photo copies whereas to present original documents is a set principle. He said that PTI was supposed to produce their evidence in the court today but they could not any. He said that there is a case against Imran Khan as well and Hanif Abbasi has attached enough evidence against him. He said that Zardari was accused too he should prove his innocence as well. He said that some one should accuse somebody as much as they have the evidence and accept whatever decision comes of the court.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that the judge only said to PTI lawyer that when you have solid proof why you are dragging the case. He said that if the statements of Sharif family will be inconsistent they will face the consequences. He said that one judge even said that there are incompatibilities in the statements of Sharif family. He said that Jeddah has been taken off from the story of Sharif family and Qatar has been included in it. He said that there is solid evidence that Hussain and Maryam Nawaz are the owners of Neilson and Nescon companies. He said that one judge in the court commented that there is solid evidence in the first volume of documents produced by PTI. He said that Panama case is very important for the future history of Pakistan if it will be necessary PTI will gain help from other lawyers to assist Hamid Khan. He said that Sharif family was accused since 1994 that they have flats in London but they were denying to have any but now they have accepted the ownership.

He said that Imran Khan has said many times that whatever law will be implemented on Nawaz Sharif he should be hold accountable under same law. He said that Imran Khan is pursuing his case in the court but the court says that first they will adjudicate Nawaz Sharif and then others.

NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that may PTI succeed with the blessings of Allah but what judiciary has done with PPPP there decision to go to the court does not seem right. He said that he wishes that SC will clear itself of the impression of being partial. He said that the judiciary always rescued Sharif family that is very strong political family.

He said that nobody will be daring to ditch panama case because the people of Pakistan consider the political elite responsible for their problems. He said that the people of Pakistan want to see the justice in Panama case and punishment for the guilty. He said that we only heard the name of Switzerland in the past but now we the name of financial Arab spring as well. He said that even if the Sharif family is freed by the court they will not be let go by the people of Pakistan because they have inconsistency in their statements.


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