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30 March, 2017 05:13

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IRFAN QADIR FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL OF Pakistan said that we are obsessed that when someone is arrested or punished we become very happy. He said that during the era of Iftikhar Ch chairman NAB and others used to be summoned and rapidly cases were being registered. He said that a very weak case of terrorism was registered against Dr Asim and later on he was charged for financing for terror. He said that such cases should not be registered and SC should remain in its domain. He said that the current SC will like to distance itself from “Ch Court”. He said that the present chairman NAB is so weak that SC summons him everyday where the court does not have the authority to do so.

He said that Ayyan Ali went out of the country after the decision of the court we cannot say that the judiciary is also part of the deal.

YAR MOHAMMAD RIND OF PTI said that chairman NAB was appointed jointly by PML-N and PPPP but now see the statements of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari against him. He said that it is true that how daring chairman NAB is to file any case against those who appointed him. He said that when chairman NAB tried to start small cases against Sharif family there was an outcry by Nawaz Sharif and his brother against the institution. He said that the current chairman NAB is going to retire soon and another chairman will be appointed that will be just like him. He said that a corrupt chief secretary of Balochistan has been appointed in NEPRA and given an award for doing corruption. He said that Balochistan finance secretary of has been made example for doing corruption but the powerful behind him are not punished. He said that rupees eight hundred and fifty billion corruption was done in Balochistan during the government of PPPP.

He said that Ayyan Ali was released by the virtue of a deal between PPPP and PML-N. He said that he knows who used to go to se Musharaf from PPPP in the darkness of the night. He said that interior minister Rehman Malik used to go to see Musharaf in the darkness of night and he can prove it. He said that there are great sacrifices of Bhutto and Benazir for democracy but it does not mean now PPPP can treat the country the way they like. He said that why army chief and DGISI are quite they should go to the court after the article of Hussain Haqani in the newspaper.

RANA AFZAL OF PML-N said that exposing of the government and the opposition by each other is good for the country. He said that he is happy that the culprits on both sides will be arrested. He said that everybody has to take responsibility of cases against Ayyan Ali and Dr Asim he can only pray that everything will be good for Pakistan.

NAWAB WASAN OF PPPP said that PPPP has offered sacrifices for the sake of democracy Dr Asim has presented infront of the court just like Zardari. He said that Sharjeel Memon facing the cases against him in court coming from Dubai and it is called a deal. He said that Saif U Rehman filed fake cases against PPPP workers but later apologized Zardari by touching his feet.

He said that Musharaf left the country but nothing was said against him but everybody is talking about Ayyan Ali and Sharjeel Memon. He said that corruption is on in Punjab, KPK and Balochistan but only Sindh is being accused for it.

GENERAL (R) AJAZ AWAN said that the rangers arrested Dr Asim filed a case against him but if prosecution does not want to act what military can do about it. He said that the people let Ayyan Ali go outside the country defamed Pakistan and themselves.

He said that what military said about Hussain Haqani proved true but he is grieved that why they backed off. He said that Hussain Haqani has confessed his crime in his article now army chief and the PM should go to the court against him.


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