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9 May, 2017 05:49

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BARRISTER ZAFRULLAH OF PML-N said that the government tried to constitute the code of conduct for media and invited them to work together. He said that it has been two years now media personals were not ready for and law since SC picked up this matter. He said that media like a child freedom is good but it is not mature enough as yet. He said that media often gives unauthentic news without any reason. He said that a media house gave news about him that he said that alcohol is not prohibited in Quran but he never said it. He said that religious faction turned against him because of this fake news about him. He said that ads should be distributed with fairness to all media houses. He said that he offered to the media to be responsible on both sides the government and the media. He said that the government has taken one step forward though and secret funds have been abolished. He said that social media is spreading rapidly and it is very difficult to control it. He said that we need to constitute some law to control social media. He said that the provinces can also constitute laws against cyber crimes PPPP in Sindh and PTI in KPK should form laws and the federation will follow them as well.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that it has been stated in the law of PEMRA that it will follow the policy of the government. He said that if PEMRA has banned some channel it must be the policy of the government. He said that the government has to treat everyone equally it cannot go on to treat the favorites better than others. He said that it is good to control social media but looking at the past of PML-N they will try to cover some personal interests as well. He said that the government has to prove first that it will not misuse the law to control the social media.

He said that there are people in PTI and PML-N that are using social media for their purpose. He said that the language of a political party will use will be used by its workers as well.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that he has said many times that mega media houses are influencing the national politics they should be controlled. He said that few day back stage of the show of a big business icon collapsed but media was hush on this news because they get ads from this businessman.

He said that many wars have been fought in the world by manipulating the media. He said that it is not true to blame one political party for misusing social media many big names are hidden behind Facebook and Twitter. He said that ZA Bhutto used to use tough language in his jalsas also. He said that how social media can be controlled it is a huge debate and it is not an easy task.


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