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28 July, 2015 06:58

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Nadeem Malik Live - 27th July 2015





JAVED HASHMI POLITICIAN said that after he left the Dharna general Pasha told him that he will confront him, Khawaja Asif and Ch Nisar. He said that he does not know whether general Pasha and Kayani were involved or not but Imran Khan told him that they are with him. He said that Imran Khan also told him that CJ is also on his side. He said that when first time he went to Karachi to meet Imran Khan he told him in the car that general Pasha is supporting him. He said that he stated that establishment is helping Imran Khan at the time when no one else was speaking about it. He said that Imran Khan told him that he will not even leave Lahore yet and the finger of the umpire will be raised and Nawaz Sharif will resign. He said that Imran Khan did not tell him the name of the umpire. He said that Imran Khan told him that CJ will take the notice of Dharna and a system like Bangladesh will be imposed. He said that court martial of general Pasha, general Zaheer and general Kayani should be proceeded. He said that he does not know who brought Tahir Ul Qadri from London but the military forces were behind it. He said that Imran Khan told the press and his party that he did not meet Tahir Ul Qari in London but he told him that he did. He said that the high command of PTI including Imran Khan decided that they will not move forward towards the parliament. He said that Saifullah Niazi came he whispered in the ear of Imran Khan and he said that we have to go forward towards the parliament. He said that he told Imran Khan that he and Imran Khan are the elders of the party and going towards the parliament will disappoint their dancing workers at Dharna.

He said that Imran Khan decided to move towards the parliament on the advice of general Zaheer. He said that he asked Jahangir Tareen that why Nawaz Sharif is not resigning he said because he did not bring one hundred thousand people and Tahir Ul Qadri did not attack on the parliament.

SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that there is so much evidence that general Zaheer and Pasha were supporting PTI. He said that he and Imran Khan will go back to the same parliament he used to call names. He said that after the attack on the parliament Imran Khan said that some other party did it.

MIAN MAHMOOD RASHEED OF PTI said that it was his personal opinion that the way situation was developing during Dharna CJ will take the suo moto notice of it. He said that if there was any role of general Pasha in Dharna it would have been mentioned at the time. He said that Imran Khan has a long struggle behind and was visiting around the whole country. He said that he never met general Pasha. He said that Javed Hashmi story of taking help from the military has been exposed and there is no reality in it. He said that Mian Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif are patronized by the military in the politics now they call themselves the champions of the democracy. He said that Imran Khan can make mistake but it is wrong that he got help from the military. He said that JC report is not a sacred script that no one can comment on it.

He said that it was never discussed on the party forum that PTI will over throw the government with the support of the military.


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